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NY Yella Cake -100: PROGRESS!
The Vatican is livid about the Earl of Balfour's proposal for safeguarding the holy places in Palestine, because Catholics will only be a minority on the sub-commissions.
As the final loss of Greece in its war with Turkey draws near, Britain, France, Italy, and the US are sending warships to Smyrna to protect their nationals. The NYT, in an editorial entitled "The White Man's Burden," says that Britain, France & Italy have "the responsibility of defending civilized European peoples against a hopelessly unprogressive Asiatic foe."
In another op-ed page appeal to civilization, the NYT accuses the railroad employees of "Uncivilized Strike Methods."
Rumors that Éamon de Valera and Erskine Childers have been captured. Fact Check: Not so True.

wutshistits: From government insider to holy warrior
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