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Pravda.ua | The ["]blockade["] continues. How to get rid of the 60-kilometer queue of trucks at the border with Poland?, 9 Sep
The queue of more than 2,600 trucks stretched for 58 km and almost reached the city of Kovel. Trucks are slowly moving towards the Yagodin checkpoint.
Several factors contributed to the traffic jam at the Polish border.

The first—Ukrainian farmers harvest and sell it to neighboring countries. According to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, 625,000 tons of food was exported by road transport in August, which is seven times more than in April.
The second is that Poland should speed up the phytosanitary inspection of Ukrainian cargoes, because now Ukraine exports three times more food by road. However, cargo inspection has slowed down. According to [UA] Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Mustafa Nayem, at the end of August, the speed of phytosanitary inspection decreased four times compared to the pre-war period.

The third is strikes by Polish truck drivers, who are blocking the road. They are protesting because of the loss of the opportunity to travel outside the queue. ... This may become a difficult test for the Ukrainian economy. Highways through the western border are the largest source of foreign currency for Ukrainian exporters and a reliable shoulder during the port blockade. 40% of all automobile exports of Ukraine account for the checkpoint in Yahodyna. ...

Slava Ukraini!

Statement by the United Nations Coordinator for the 'Black Sea Grain Initiative' Amir Abdulla, 27 Aug
"The silos in Ukraine are still stocked with millions of tons of produce from previous harvests. The Black Sea Grain Initiative has started creating some space but much more grain needs to shift to make space for the new harvest."
JCC | Black Sea Grain Initiative Joint Coordination Centre Operational Update --departures to IT, TR
"As of 19 August, the total tonnage of grain and foodstuffs exported from the three Ukrainian ports is 656,349 metric tons."
archived UN | JCC Progress report, 1-15 August 2022

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JCC | Vessel Movements, table data
"As of 9 September 2022, 108 voyages from Ukrainian ports have carried 2,463,991 metric tons of grains and other foodstuffs, of which outbound 3 to Egypt, 1 to Kenya
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Pravda.ua | British intelligence: [World] lied about grain export from Ukraine to deflect blame, 9 Sep
Russia is waging a deliberate disinformation campaign to deflect blame for food insecurity, discredit Ukraine, and minimize resistance to its invasion of Ukraine.

As "European Truth" reports, this is stated in  the intelligence review  of the Ministry of Defense of Britain, published on Sunday.

They remind us that on September 7, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that only 60,000 tons of grain exported from Ukraine through the "grain corridor" were sent to developing countries, and most of it was delivered to EU countries.

"Putin's claims are untrue. According to the UN, about 30% of the grain was delivered to low- and middle-income countries in Africa, the Middle East and Asia," British intelligence said.

archived wheat, "grain", coarse grain, der Korn (corn)

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Politico.eu.com | France-Romania deal to export more grain from Ukraine to be signed Monday, 9/11
Agreement comes after Russia threatened to limit grain shipments through the Black Sea. [FALSE]
The French and Romanian governments on Monday will sign an agreement allowing more grain exports from Ukraine to reach Europe and beyond, said France's Transport Minister Clément Beaune Sunday.

"Tomorrow I will sign an agreement with Romania to allow Ukraine to send even more grain, because it is an essential resource for the country and for many other countries that benefit from it," Beaune told French radio FranceInter, adding that the cereals will be shipped "to Europe and to developing countries, especially in the Mediterranean, which need it for food and for their survival almost."

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It comes after Russian President Vladimir Putin last week threatened to limit grain exports through the Black Sea and claimed that most of the cereals leaving Ukraine were feeding the EU market instead of going to developing countries.

A British defense intelligence bulletin on Sunday stated that "Putin's claim is not true. According to UN figures, around 30 percent has been supplied to low and middle-income countries in Africa, the Middle East and Asia."

The U.K. Defense Ministry added that "Russia is pursuing a deliberate misinformation strategy as it seeks to deflect blame for food insecurity issues, discredit Ukraine and minimize opposition to its invasion."

Beaune said the deal with Romania will cover exports "by river, sea and land."

archived MY 2020/2021, MY 2021/2022, JCC "vessel movement"
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Reuters | Zelensk* tells Russia: hand over POWs in return for ammonia exports 16 Sep
he would only support the idea of reopening Russian ammonia exports through Ukraine if Moscow handed Ukrainian prisoners of war back to Kyiv.
"I am against supplying ammonia from the Russian Federation through our territory. I would only do it in exchange for our prisoners. This is what I offered the UN," he said in an interview at his presidential office.

The United Nations has proposed that ammonia gas owned by Russian fertiliser producer Uralchem be pumped by pipeline to the Ukrainian border, where it would be bought by the U.S.-based commodities trader Trammo.

The [Ukraine] pipeline is designed to pump up to 2.5 million tonnes of ammonia per year from Russia's Volga region to Ukraine's Black Sea port of Pivdennyi, known as Yuzhny in Russian, near Odesa.

It was shut down [by Ukraine] fter Russia sent its troops into Ukraine on Feb. 24.

archived S&P Commodity Insights, Odesa, Chornomorsk, Pivdenny ports, JCC Progress report, 1-15 August 2022 including ammonia
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S&P to PUTIN LIARS worldwide: Platts to resume use of market information for Ukrainian corn and wheat
Effective Sept. 22, Platts, part of S&P Global Commodity Insights, will resume the use of bids, offers, trades and indicative market values for corn and wheat loading from Ukraine.

Platts will now consider this information for its assessments.

Where verifiable market data cannot be observed, Platts may make use of other relevant market information as well as the effect of movements in related markets through spread differentials

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