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(NB. Previous BaltCity admin was working to disband urban farm collectives. 25 Sep 2022 weekly email PR quoted below.)

For Immediate Release: City Releases First Urban Agriculture RFP

~ Seeking interest from produce growers in Baltimore City ~
Today, the Baltimore City Department of Housing & Community Development (DHCD), in partnership with the Department of Planning (DOP), issued a Request for Proposals for urban agriculture. The City is seeking urban farming proposals -  from for-profits, non-profits, or individuals - for one or more of four identified city-owned sites. The sites are a variety of sizes and conditions, are scattered throughout the city, and will either lease or sell for new urban agriculture projects.

"Baltimore has prioritized activating vacant land for urban agricultural use consistent with priorities outlined by communities to see well-managed green space and community-based commerce," said Planning Director Chris Ryer.
"Not only will we be putting vacant land into productive use with this approach, but we'll also increase local food production and combat food insecurity in our communities.  "We want Baltimoreans to grow, buy, and eat local," said Housing Commissioner Alice Kennedy.  "This RFP also supports the Mayor's Action Plan, which lays out an ambitious vision for increasing food production activities in Baltimore City."

DHCD and DOP are soliciting proposals from qualified organizations and developers with a proven track record of experience in professional agriculture. Proposals will be received until November 16, 2022.

The last paragraph reiterates relevant "ambitious vision" city policies since 2013, as if budgeted, funded, and substantiated by council ordinance. Nonetheless, I'm heartened by this turn of events--a necessary and consequential step toward captializing real, green economic activity and zero-waste processes instead of "luxury" rental housing.
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Baltimore, if I recollect correctly, has integrated local agriculture into its school system as well.

Years of links to urban and advanced agriculture at http://cityag.blogspot.com

It's also a listserv so let me know if you want to subscribe.  Free!

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yeah, I know about that. It's a new nabe project, not a Balt City PS project. Morgan State is a private uni, providing technical advice and working capital, I suppose.

There are a couple dozen community gardens and compost service ops around that have been operating "illegally" for years, in part because land trust advocacy can't get daylight in local or state gov. BaltCity PS system did donate logistic infrastructure for (county farms and city ag sourced) food bank distro, when schools closed and the economy collapsed under pandemic rules. Every once in a while political scandal erupts over  private-sector quid pro quo (2020 example). So city legitmacy is a big deal.

Thanks for the listserve tip. I usually monitor local coms.

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