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alias Stuxnet
is not contained even today, according to anonymous sources familiar with its internat'l, inter-agencies coordinated dev as well as Richard Clark and Michael Hayden background commentary. It's a feature, not a bug, to be proud of.

Symantech Research Labs among other ISVs received binary samples from multiple sources within their client networks—worldwide. Interviews with "cybersecurity" vendors recall decoding line by line: Immediate consensus attribute-free, self-executing routines confirmed state-sponsored dev. A month in, aside from counterfeit MSFT digital certificate traced to Taiwan, finding Siemens OS fragments and PLC hardware IDs in the code. Uncertain how to relate the significance of these keys, they resorted to "geopolitical news" reconnaisance to trace checksum operators to anamalous control system events anywhere that preceded the Iran reactor crash. Guess what? Multiple explosions of gas pipelines transiting Iran.

Now, I ask you. Is it any wonder Gazprom did not accept "refurbished" Nord Stream 1 turbines from Canada? Is it any wonder US Treasury, last Friday, licensed Starlink "internet" satellite service for "social media" users in Iran? Is gov.in now pushes for home-grown navigation system any wonder?

Malware infection of industrial control systems kills people.

by Cat on Tue Sep 27th, 2022 at 06:59:00 PM EST
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