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The legal system had to force the executive of PM Mark Rutte to make haste in emission reduction as was legislated by the EU in Brussels ... due to lousy implementation of BreXit by the UK taking many years, Rutte's window for NeXit passed.

Libertarian Rutte with his Conservative party VVD wasted a full decade to be serious on sustainability and renewables. The Hague with Royal Shell, Exxon and the GasUnie went full throttle for Nord Stream and Gazprom making sweet deals to be the facilitator as Groningen gas fields went dry. The damages to homes and businesses due to earth tremors made decisions urgent. Compensation to victims of major damages of homes took many years and hasn't been resolves as of today.

Limits on emissions slows down permits to build new infrastructure, highways, homes and renovation of pre-war and ear,y houses build in the 1950s. Poorly insulated and the vast majority connected to Groninger natural gas after the coal mines closed in the sixties under Economy Minister Joop den Uyl (Labour).

    (The Hague - Nov. 6, 2011) Prime Minister Mark Rutte is one of the government leaders who are officially commissioning the Nord-Stream pipeline in Lubmin, northern Germany.

    The Nord-Stream connects the huge gas reserves in Russia to Europe via the Baltic Sea. The pipelines can supply Europe with 55 billion cubic meters per year for a period of at least 50 years.

The reason Rutte attempted to keep Royal Shell from moving to London were tax benefits ... emissions ruling made the decision for Shell stakeholders quite easy.

Royal Dutch Shell: Netherlands court orders oil giant to cut emissions | BBC News - May 2021 |

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