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Stefan Aust in Der Spiegel Windmühlen Wahn

The Spiegel title against the "windmill craze" got the wind power lobby on the barricades and caused an internal dispute, in the course of which Harald Schumann ("The Globalization Trap") from the Berlin office resigned.

Book Review : Hans-Peter Martin and Harald Schumann (1997): The global trap: Globalization and the assault on democracy and prosperity

This work explores and critiques the consequences of globalization for both democratic institutions and jobs. Pointing to the weakening of the nation state, it contends that the "one world" created by globalization is collapsing. The authors argue that in future only a fifth of the world's labour force will be needed, creating the 20:80 society; a global economy out of control will lead to social upheaval and, in the end, war. The book aims to provide an alarm call for the restoration of democracy, politics and the state.

Interesting read, although the Digital Revolution and its impact were not foreseen. The risk of upheaval in society was well illustrated..

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