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EU Ambassadors Conference 2023: Opening speech by High Representative/Vice-President Josep Borrell

And the problem is that today, we do not have any kind of agreement on the terms of the `sharing'. Or yes, we had [one] - remember, [the] Olso [Agreements] 30 years ago? Yes, we had [one]. But we have not implemented it at all. That is the problem.
And in the meantime the violence has increased, the figures are appalling, really - not just in the last terrific attack of Hamas against the Israelis and the answer from Israel. It is not just about it - from 2008 [to] 2023 before the 7th of last month, the number of wounded and casualties, it was really too much. 

What has happened? Why have the Oslo Agreement not been implemented? Because the forces of denial in both camps have continued growing under the hubris of some and the desperation of others.

In Israel, the colonisation of the West Bank has been progressing with impunity and violence against the Palestinians - and this has become even more brutal after the 7th of October. Thirty years ago, there were 270,000 settlers in the West Bank. Now there are 700, 000, almost three [or] four times more.

In Palestine, the total lack of perspective and diabolic calculations aiming at favoring extremist forces have led to the marginalisation of moderate forces to the benefit of radical forces [inaudible].

Last year, in the West Bank, there were 154 Palestinians killed and 20 Israelis. This year, to date the number is almost 400, and the barbarism of Hamas' actions against Israeli civilians - which are absolutely unjustifiable and inexcusable - puts us in front of the paradox that, in recent years, we believed that the Israeli-Palestinian problem was to be circumvented, even if the situation on the ground was continuing to deteriorate, because of the Abraham Accords.

This illusion was shared by everyone, not just by us, by the West. [complete bulk$hit]

It was believed by many that the normalisation, the desirable normalisation of relations between the Arab States and Israel, would bring peace between Palestinians and Israelis. [unfit for his key position as the EU top diplomat]

That has not happened. It has not happened.

Even someone like Jack Sullivan said, before the 7th of October, that "the region has never been so calm for decades". Never been so calm for decades.

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NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR SULLIVAN:  The Middle East region is quieter today than it has been in two decades.  Now, challenges remain: Iran's nuclear weapons program, the tensions between Israelis and Palestinians.  But the amount of time that I have to spend on crisis and conflict in the Middle East today compared to any of my predecessors going back to 9/11 is significantly reduced. 

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Stupidity in last year's session ...

EU's chief diplomat scolds his envoys as 'too slow' in reporting back | 10 Oct 2022 |

The EU's diplomatic service should "be ready to be bold".

"We break taboos on the war in Ukrainian, using the European Peace Facility to buy arms, something that at the beginning was claimed impossible. `We have never done it before' is not a recipe. Maybe you have to start doing things that you have never done in the past. When we hesitate, we will regret it."

President Trump gifting the Golan Heights to the Jewish State of Israel as well as Palestine's East Jerusalem. Permitting escalated building of illegal settlements.

Gifting Western Sahara to the Kingdom of Morocco.

President Trump erasing the debt of Sudan for their opening of an embassy in Jerusalem and normalizing relations with the Jewish State of Israel

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Israel-Sudan deal seen Friday as Trump orders Khartoum removed from terror list | TOI - 23 Oct. 2020 |

The move was initially announced by Sudan's ruling body, which called the step a "historic day for Sudan and its glorious revolution."

"President Donald J. Trump has informed Congress of his intent to formally rescind Sudan's designation as a State Sponsor of Terrorism," the White House said. "Today represents a momentous step forward in the United States-Sudan bilateral relationship and marks a pivotal turning point for Sudan, allowing for a new future of collaboration and support for its ongoing and historic democratic transition,"

Trump announced his intention to sign the waiver on Monday, saying he would go through with the move after Sudan followed through on its pledge to deliver $335 million to compensate American victims of past terror attacks and their families. Sudan transferred the funds the next day.

The money is meant for victims of the 1998 bombings of US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania by the al-Qaeda network while its leader, Osama bin Laden, was living in Sudan.

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Archive @EuroTrib Key word | Abraham Accords |

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