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November 5, 2023 at 9:37 AM

German psyche and the massacre of Israelis @1972 Olympics in Munich ... caused severe feelings of guilt.

"Robespierre articulated his conception of terrorism as a ,,virtuous‟ political weapon in 1793."

Advanced the study of International terrorism and counter-terror measures influenced by foreign policy.

U.S. Used Many Ex-Nazis Sought for War Crimes | CIA Archives - May 1949 | see also Gladio and the damage done.

Statistica: The Soviet Union lost as many as 27 million people during the war, and 10 million of these were due to Nazi genocide. It is estimated that Poland lost up to six million people, and almost all of these were through genocide.

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Between Hostage Taking and Pandora's Box | 23 Feb 2013 |

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