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I see many questions to be raised, no short term solutions, lack of vision, buckled down by problems of the day, need to set priorities towards sustainability and tackling climate change. The war in Ukraine is not some far-away region.

  • gravity eastward is not minor as their moral values aren't founded in the EEC principles Four Freedoms. I find some MEP majority decisions already troubling and trending rightwing.
  • Hungary is mentioned, not Poland and ...
  • multiple serious crises despite the relative stability of the Euro and the EU economy ... former Dutch minister of finance Hoogervorst raises red flag should we remain in the Euro zone. Damning North-South divide in sovereign debt of the Mediterranean states ... in particular Italy.
  • Irish close ties to the USA could be of benefit to the EU as a whole ... pls explain and expand⁉️Where does major part of Irish GDP come from?
  • The EP doctrine before the internal accusations of QatarGate ...

    Corruption and Human Rights | Feb. 17, 2022 |

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