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Misspoke of course ... meant up North in Belfast ... excuse ...

My previous post about the Peace Wall in Belfast

NI: A Truce, Not Peace

What's In A Name?

Numerous other attempts to break down North Belfast's defensive architecture, however, have run into the sand. Despite residents on both sides agreeing to a peace gate in the metal barrier that divides Flax Street, road authorities have refused to introduce expensive traffic-calming measures.

Even though segregation is estimated to cost Stormont £1.5bn a year, most of the funding for such "community relations" work comes from international donors, who are in the process of pulling out of Northern Ireland.

"There is no momentum, there is no resources and the government haven't provided a vision of a united community. They haven't sold the benefits and opportunities" of taking down the peace walls."

Belfast finally breaking down the barriers -- in 2023 | The Canberra Times  - 20 Aug 2022 |

[Many gates were shut due to the COVID-19 risks 😂 ]

Troubles: Too Late for Reconciliation

Dennis Hutchings: Ex-soldier on trial over Troubles shooting dies | BBC News - Oct. 19, 2021 |

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