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First look at Biden for President committee's broadcast advertising campaign, superceding Election 2020 "Battle for the soul of the nation" and "Build back better" polemic arc.

A/V 00:03:20, approx. one commercial break length (six 60-sec spot buys or eleven 30-sec spot buys)

tag: Let's finish the job (wikiwtf "context" reference appended by state-controlled YouTube, an Alphabet Inc. subsidiary corporation)

tag: America is an idea (no "context" reference)

BIDEN: Charlottesville, Viginia, is home to [one of] the author of one of the great documents in human history. We know it by heart. [CHRON SUPERSCRIPT] Whe hold these truths to be self-evident. That all men are created equal[,] endowed by their [creator] with certain inalienable rights. We've heard it so often [that] it's almost a cliché , but it's who we are. We haven't haven't always lived up to these ideals. [Thomas] Jefferson himself didn't. But we have never before walked away from them. Charlottesville is also home to a defininf moment for this nation in the last few years. [CUT TO ARCHIVE FOOTAGE. BIDEN VO:] It was there on August of 2017[,] we saw Klansmen and white supremacists and neo-Nazis come out in the open. Their crazed faces, illuminated by torches, veins bulging and bearing the fangs of racism. Chanting the same anti-semitic bile heard across Europe in the [nineteen] thirties. And the were met by a courageous group of [US] Americans. And a violent clash ensued...
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Encyclopedia of Virginia, primary documents
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