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Former [GOP] Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson, 2 Apr
"I mean, first of all, the office is more important than any individual person. And so for the sake of the office of the presidency, I do think that's too much of a sideshow and distraction, and he needs to be able to concentrate on his due process."
archived March 2023 ring toss
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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Announces Bid for President, 6 Apr
"A trial lawyer who became known for his work on environmental issues earlier in his career, Kennedy has been a vocal opponent of vaccines."
by Cat on Fri Apr 7th, 2023 at 12:45:51 AM EST
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Black unemployment is at a RECORD LOW -- but 'horrible' work conditions still ensnare many, 12 Apr
Black unemployment has fallen, but a gap still persists

Friday's jobs report showed the [U-3] unemployment rate tick down to 3.5 percent from 3.6 percent as the economy added 236,000 jobs in March.

The unemployment rate for Black workers dropped to 5 percent from 5.7 percent, or about 1.1 million people -- the lowest rate on record, according to [BLS] data compiled reported by the St. Louis Federal Reserve.

GTFO. 5.2% (TRUMP 2020) v 5.1% (BIDEN 2023)?! Here's yer "gap". Now do U-6.
[FRB Chairman Jerome Powell] said this was due to factors "embedded" in the U.S. economy but did not provide further details
"a routine life event for low-skilled black men" since 1789: Try to act surprised.
Here's how policymakers have failed many Black Americans

One of the reasons labor conditions for people with criminal records can be so bad is that not much is actually known [?!] about them  as a segment of the population, which makes it difficult for lawmakers to design laws and policies that serve their needs.

Whose needs?
BLS, Monthly Employment Situation Summary (Mar 2023), 7 Apr
BLS, Labor force characteristics by race and ethnicity, 2021, Jan 2022
BLS, Labor Market Activity Of Blacks In The United States (2019), Feb 2020 p 15, illustrated
Black rates are higher at all alternative measures of labor underutilization

For all of the alternative measures, the rate for Blacks was higher in 2019 than for the population overall. The broadest alternative measure, U-6, was μ 11.0 percent for Blacks, compared with 7.2 percent for the over[]all population.

3 R's: racism, republic, rents
wapoo | Mexico rebukes GOP push to deploy U.S. military against cartels across border, 10 Apr
whitehouse | FACT SHEET: Biden-⁠Harris Administration Announces Strengthened Approach to Crack Down on Illicit Fentanyl Supply Chains, 11 Apr
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2023Q1 poll smoke alternative unit of measurement: USD/POTUS candidate
• The Don Cheeto (R)
• Nikki Two-Tones (R)
• Vivek WHO? (R)
• Perry WUT? (R)
not that Scott, the other one (R)
• Asa (R)
• Marianne (D)
• RFK, Jr (D)
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Larry "Dial KABC" Elder, Esq. (R)
"We can enter a new American Golden Age, but we must choose a leader who can bring us there. That's why I'm running for President."
by Cat on Fri Apr 21st, 2023 at 07:56:27 AM EST
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Biden announces 2024 re[-]election bid: 'Let's finish this job' 560 days from today
"He faces a smooth path to winning his party's nomination, with no serious Democratic rivals."
by Cat on Tue Apr 25th, 2023 at 02:38:16 PM EST
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The NBC News survey finds a combined 41% of registered voters saying they'd definitely or probably vote for Biden in the general election, versus 47% who say they'd vote for the eventual Republican nominee.

Large majorities of Americans sour on the prospect of a Trump v. Biden rematch in 2024

Early in the primaries of 2017-20, neither Joe Biden nor Donald Trump in 2015-16 was leading the pack ... there is hope yet.

Democratic voter: "Ultimately, many feel we're forced to vote Democratic as a form of damage control, not because they provide leadership or actually serve the public interest."

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Tue Apr 25th, 2023 at 05:54:38 PM EST
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First look at Biden for President committee's broadcast advertising campaign, superceding Election 2020 "Battle for the soul of the nation" and "Build back better" polemic arc.

A/V 00:03:20, approx. one commercial break length (six 60-sec spot buys or eleven 30-sec spot buys)

tag: Let's finish the job (wikiwtf "context" reference appended by state-controlled YouTube, an Alphabet Inc. subsidiary corporation)

tag: America is an idea (no "context" reference)

BIDEN: Charlottesville, Viginia, is home to [one of] the author of one of the great documents in human history. We know it by heart. [CHRON SUPERSCRIPT] Whe hold these truths to be self-evident. That all men are created equal[,] endowed by their [creator] with certain inalienable rights. We've heard it so often [that] it's almost a cliché , but it's who we are. We haven't haven't always lived up to these ideals. [Thomas] Jefferson himself didn't. But we have never before walked away from them. Charlottesville is also home to a defininf moment for this nation in the last few years. [CUT TO ARCHIVE FOOTAGE. BIDEN VO:] It was there on August of 2017[,] we saw Klansmen and white supremacists and neo-Nazis come out in the open. Their crazed faces, illuminated by torches, veins bulging and bearing the fangs of racism. Chanting the same anti-semitic bile heard across Europe in the [nineteen] thirties. And the were met by a courageous group of [US] Americans. And a violent clash ensued...
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Encyclopedia of Virginia, primary documents
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