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Get U.S. Out of the United Nations | Washington Monthly |

The search for the origin story of modern conservatism has taken many routes. Some historians have found it in the 1930s, when a truculent right, led by figures such as Herbert Hoover and Robert McCormick, the publisher of the Chicago Tribune, warned that the true dictator was not Adolf Hitler but Franklin D. Roosevelt. Others have pointed to the early 1950s and the rise of Senator Joe McCarthy and his defenders at William F. Buckley Jr.'s fledgling magazine, National Review.

US History of John Birch Society, Goldwater to Trump

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Of xenophobia, plagiarism and permutation | by eternalcityblues on Mar 25th, 2007 |

Celebrating in their own inimitable way the 50th anniversary of European unity and Iran's simultaneous capture of UK seamen, far-right US bloggers and forum poster are swapping guffaws at this latest "masterpiece" of anonymous online Europhobia ...

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