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dw | The EU recovery fund unmasked, 21 July 2020
EU leaders went the distance to agree a historic coronavirus recovery fund for the bloc. But doling out €750 billion in grants and loans will be a tricky task. Paying it back will be even harder.
A pot of grant gold

The €390 billion pot of grant aid is an important element of the agreement. That money will come from the €750 billion fund, known officially as "Next Generation EU." The European Commission will borrow all that money, issuing bonds with maturities of three to 30 years. The plan is to start repaying the money from 2027 on, with the tab to be settled by 2058....

Register now: Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF) and European Strategic Investments-9 April 2024
...The event will be an opportunity to reflect on the results of the RRF so far, including concrete investments and reforms. It will also look ahead at the remaining challenges and at how to ensure the RRF achieves its objectives over the remaining three years.

Finally, it will be an opportunity to discuss how the RRF, as an innovative funding instrument, could serve as an inspiration for further EU support to reforms and investments, as the need for strategic reforms and investments will remain high in the future....

commission.europa.eu | The Recovery and Resilience Facility
The Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF) is a temporary instrument  that is the centrepiece of  NextGenerationEU - the EU's plan to emerge stronger and more resilient from the current crisis [FKA COVID-19 pandemic].

Through the Facility, the Commission raises funds by borrowing on the capital markets (issuing bonds on behalf of the EU). These are then available to its Member States, to implement ambitious reforms and investments that:

• make their economies and societies more sustainable, resilient and prepared for the green and digital transitions, in line with the EU's priorities;
• address the challenges identified in country-specific recommendations under the European Semester framework of economic and social policy coordination....

Halfway there but facing a mid-life crisis: why the EU's recovery fund is failing to deliver, 21 Feb 2024
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