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The Abraham Accords: A Peace Deal in Name Only | Georgetown Security - Oct. 2020 |

The Accords blatantly single out Palestine, which previously had the backing of other Gulf states against Israel.[iv] The Palestinian leaders were not informed of the Abraham Accords, and felt betrayed by the U.A.E.[v] In the past, there had been a consensus among the Arab states that peace, and normalization, with Israel would remain contingent upon Israel's recognition of the formation of an independent Palestinian state.[vi] While Netanyahu had to concede in the Accords that Israel would halt its plan to annex the West Bank,  the deal required only that Israel agree to halt, not abandon, that idea. Indeed, Israel Today, which called the Accords "truly historic, and wonderfully welcome,"[vii] maintained that, "Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sees this as delay, not cancellation."

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