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Lives in the NATO bubble of "facts" and war rhetoric ... useless idiot who gets well paid ... spewing anti-peace messages in the air. Watched him tonight in a discussion of the plight of Palestinian people of Gaza. His body language said it all about his character. A snob. Mr. ten Broek was hardly interested to listen to the views of colleagues at the table ... just waiting for his moment to speak up. Not surprising, I could have listened to the hasbara spokesperson of Israel's war cabinet.  

Han ten Broeke's new life: 'Less influence, but more freedom'

Han ten Broeke was a Member of Parliament for the VVD for twelve years and is now a foreign affairs expert at HCSS. He divides his time between Twente, Iraq and the rest of the world. "I have less influence than in politics, but more freedom," he says in an extensive interview in Tubantia.

Han ten Broeke (50) points to the radar on the Thales site in Hengelo. "Less than fifty meters from here we have eyes and ears on the conflicts of now and in the future. That enormous radar looks straight towards Kaliningrad where the Russians have placed their Iskander missiles."

Security, war and peace, history, international power politics; that fascinates Ten Broeke. "It has kept me busy since I was a child." The VVD member from Ambt Delden was in the House of Representatives for twelve years. There he was foreign spokesperson for the party, chairman of the Parliamentary Defense Committee, and chairman of the Dutch delegation to NATO. This ended abruptly in 2018 when it emerged that he had a 'short-lived, unequal relationship' with a younger faction employee in 2013. Ten Broeke resigned.

Shortly afterwards he received a call from the The Hague Center for Strategic Studies (HCSS). A think tank for national and international security studies. The lesser known brother of the Clingendael Institute. Institutes that regularly advise Dutch governments. "As chairman of the Parliamentary Defense Committee, I not only wanted to hear Clingendael, but I often asked HCSS. It is good to ask several experts."

An office was ready for Ten Broeke at HCSS, where he was happy to join as Director of Political Affairs. "I am now 100 meters from the Binnenhof, just outside the Hague bubble. I still have a lot of contact with the same people. It is an advantage that I have built up an international network. No, it is not surprising that I speak to the same people from a different role. It's not that important what's on my card. I do this because it interests me, it is my hobby and passion."

Difference with the past

But there is certainly a difference. "I had relatively a lot of influence in politics, now much less. I got freedom in return. I don't have to worry about what the coalition thinks about what I say now. My views are the same, but I no longer have to account for them. There are advantages to that, but I became a politician to exert influence. That is now less and more indirect."

Ten Broeke and HCSS are hired for advice. By the Ministries of Defense and Foreign Affairs, and increasingly by companies with security risks. Like KLM. "We investigate overflight risks for this purpose. We're looking at civil aviation over dangerous areas, practically half the world these days. For example, KLM decided this week not to fly over Iran anymore."

The conflict in Iraq and Iran has his special attention. He has been there in the past. "That helps us to make a judgement. I read so much now, there are a number of conflicts in the world that I keep up with, and this is one of them."

I don't have to worry about what the coalition thinks about what I say now. My views are the same, but I no longer have to account for them ....

True a$$hole to the infinite degree. A one track mind ... no diplomacy, no compromise ... works fine with both Trump and Biden ... a partner of Mark Rutte, on the same team ... a clone.

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Mon Apr 1st, 2024 at 09:32:55 PM EST

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