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Why the Yanks were booted out of Niger ... impudence and US officials were "condescending",

Наглость Госдепа приводит к изгнанию США из Африки

The existence of the most important military base for the United States in Africa is under threat. The leadership of Niger made a sensational decision to withdraw American troops from the country. And it's not just that Niger is now establishing cooperation with Russia and Iran. The behaviour of the official delegation of the U.S. State Department led to this development of events. What is it about?

The Niger government has terminated the agreement that allows the American contingent to remain in the country, Reuters reports citing the representative of the transitional government of Niger Amadou Abdraman. The decision takes effect immediately. It is stated that American troops are on the territory of Niger illegally and their deployment was unilaterally imposed on the country.

Nothing predicted such a development of events. The fact is that after seizing power in the country, the Nigerian military did not raise the issue of withdrawing American bases. Only the French were strictly instructed to leave. They left, and Niamey began to build a new relationship with Russia, including a Russian military presence to combat jihadist terrorism and Tuareg separatism to replace the ineffective French presence.

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by Oui (Oui) on Thu Apr 25th, 2024 at 09:19:34 PM EST

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