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US State Department calls jihadists "freedom fighters" ... and so the seeds of Al Qaeda - AQI- ISIL - AQAP - Islamic State - AQIM were sown from late 1970s on forward.

The Puzzle of JNIM and Militant Islamist Groups in the Sahel | Africa Security Briefing |

Violent events linked to militant Islamist groups in the Sahel-- Burkina Faso, Mali, and western Niger--have surged nearly sevenfold since 2017. With more than 1,000 violent episodes reported in the past year, the Sahel experienced the largest increase in violent extremist activity of any region in Africa during this period. With nearly 8,000 fatalities, millions of people displaced, government officials and traditional leaders targeted, thousands of schools closed, and economic activity severely curtailed, the Sahel is staggering from the surge of attacks.

Covered the issue in multiple diaries over the years ...

Don't Call Them Al Qaeda, Terror Coming from ISIS (aka AQI, IS) | Oui @BooMan - 2 July 2014 |

My diary - Dream On Guys - in reference to BooMan's front page story - Declare the War on Terror Over (2012).

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