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FP | Europe--but Not NATO--Should Send Troops to Ukraine, 22 Apr tankie talk
To Halt Russia's Advance, Kyiv Needs More Boots on the Ground
Too many politicians and pundits in the United States and Europe echo Putin's own talking points by warning that any kind of external intervention in Ukraine would lead to World War III. In reality, sending European troops would be a normal response to a conflict of this kind. Russia's invasion disrupted the regional balance of power, and Europe has a vital interest in seeing the imbalance corrected. The obvious way to do this is to provide a lifeline to a Ukrainian military that could once again be left high and dry by the United States, and the best lifeline would be European soldiers. Unless the politics in the United States change, Ukraine will need alternate sources of assistance to keep its fight going—and Europe is the natural backer.
by Cat on Wed Apr 24th, 2024 at 12:59:54 PM EST
Complete bull$hit ... Russia never hard the means to wage a major war ... see evidence of SMO and stalemate with more deaths than advances. Russia is since hostilities on a war economy footing and will not stop anytime soon.

NATO wants to sail through the Black Sea and build a naval base on Crimea. Not going to happen.

It would enable the Kremlin to keep Russia on a war footing--an all-of-society approach to conquest that European countries would be unable to match. There is no reason to expect Putin to stop with Ukraine; he has already declared that all former Soviet republics should be returned to Russia. The Baltic states could be next, and Finland and Poland--which were both principalities in the pre-Soviet Russian Empire--could follow.

The World According to Dutch FM Halbe Zijlstra | 12 Feb 2018 |

... This to form a new cabinet after last year's general election, his party nominated its chairman for the task of Foreign Minister. Someone with no experience in diplomacy and foreign affairs. Except of course his meeting with Russia's president Putin in his dacha.  Well more or less ...

In his original version of the story, which Zijlstra began relating at VVD party conferences in 2014, he claimed he had been a back room in the dacha (2006) when he heard Putin define 'Greater Russia' as 'Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and the Baltic states,' adding that 'Kazakhstan was nice to have.

Doubts about the veracity of the foreign minister's claims came to light when former senior Shell executive Jeroen van der Veer told the Volkskrant that Zijlstra had not been at the meeting in 2006. Zijlstra admitted he was not present but insisted that the substance of the story was true.

Zijlstra's lies are taken from the West's propaganda playbook as written through Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty (RFERL) ...

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Wed Apr 24th, 2024 at 09:36:22 PM EST
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