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Gaza update: pressure mounts on Israel's allies to stop supplying the weapons to prevent genocide  | The Conversation |

The missiles that struck the World Central Kitchen (WCK) aid convoy this week, killing seven aid workers, including three Britons, were likely to have been "absolutely perfectly accurate" Spike missiles. This from a former British army procurement officer quoted in The Times. "If you aim at the driver's side, you will hit the driver full-on," Chris Lincoln-Jones told the newspaper. "If you were across the street from the car, you'd be shaken up and you might be hit by a few splinters, but you would survive."

Israel has denied targeting the three WCK vehicles, with economy minister Nir Barkat saying Israel was "terribly sorry" about killing the WCK workers but that "unfortunately, in wars friendly fire happens".

If Lincoln-Jones is correct - and several other press sources have suggested the same - these Spike missiles are produced by Israeli arms manufacturer Rafael, which has sold tens of thousands of them around the world. It is also thought probable that they were launched from a Hermes drone, made by Elbit Systems - also an Israeli manufacturer.  

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