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ICJ hears Nicaragua's case against Germany over Israel's war on Gaza

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) begins two days of hearings to consider Nicaragua's request that emergency measures be imposed on Germany over its support for Israel's war on Gaza.

Pellet concludes legal remarks

France's Alain Pellet has finished outlining Nicaragua's legal case against Germany, and Nicaragua's Ambassador Gomez is now delivering the delegation's concluding remarks.

"Professor Pellet has just explained how Germany's conduct in relation to the ongoing situation in Palestine" does not meet its international law obligations, said Gomez. The case against Germany falls under two broad headings, he said:

  • Germany's responsibility for its failure to take action required by international law to prevent genocide and serious breaches of international humanitarian law.
  • Germany's responsibility for its actions or omissions that have facilitated and continue to facilitate the commission of genocide and serious breaches of international humanitarian law.

Germany's arms transfers to Israel show `complicity' in genocide

Pellet has pointed to Article 3 under the UN's Genocide Convention, which outlines "complicity in genocide" as a punishable act.

"Germany was aware and continues to be aware of the risk of the weapons they are furnishing could be used by Israel to commit genocide against the Palestinians," said Pellet.

"It is extremely urgent that Germany suspend its aid they are supplying to Israel to this end. This aid and assistance are straight from the definition of `complicity' set out in Article 3," he added.

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