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tabloid USAToday | U.S. military begins Gaza Strip aid deliveries from floating pier, 17 May
U.S. Central Command said in a statement no U.S. troops went ashore as trucks began using the makeshift dock.
How much aid can the Gaza pier handle?
U.S. officials have said the pier will initially handle about 90 trucks a day, rising to 150 when fully operational. Since March, an average of 171 trucks per day have entered Gaza, according to the U.S.-established Famine Early Warning Systems Network. The U.N. says that prior to Hamas' Oct. 7. attack on Israel about 500 trucks of aid entered Gaza each day. More than 2 million Palestinians in Gaza are in need of humanitarian assistance.
Will Gaza pier put U.S. troops in harm's way?
Some critics have expressed concerns the temporary dock could leave U.S. troops vulnerable to attack.

"I think the pier is a disaster waiting to happen," said Michael DiMino, a former career CIA military analyst and counterterrorism officer who is now a fellow at Defense Priorities, a Washington think tank. "I would just say there are a number of logistical and operational challenges here, and I am very concerned about mission creep, and what starts as a pier becomes U.S. Marines on the beach in Gaza."

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