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bbc | US blacklists seven Chinese supercomputer groups (0.04.21)
On Thursday, three companies and four branches of China's National Supercomputing Center were added to the US Entity List. The US commerce department said the groups were involved in building supercomputers used by Chinese "military actors" and facilitating programmes to develop weapons of mass destruction.

timesofindia | 'These countries are most vulnerable to sanctions', 19 May

The research,conducted in early 2024 at China's National Supercomuting Center, tested the resilience of 19 ["]global economies["] to large-scale economic sanctions using mathematical modeling. Analysts assessed the direct gross domestic product (GDP) lossess each country would suffer if faced with a complete trade blockade without the option of parallel imports, a Russia Today report said.
NBER, A portrait of U.S. factoryless goods producers (2018)
The study revealed that while all countries would see economic contraction under such a scenario, some would be hit harder than others. The German economy would be the worst affected, contractin by 8.1%. Other significanly impacted economies include South Korea (down by 7.9%), Mexico (7.2%), France (7%), Turkiye (6.6%), Italy (6%), and the UK (5.7%).
census.gov, The Changing Firm and Country Boundaries of US Manufacturers in Global Value Chains (2023)
In contrast, Russia would be among the three most resilient countries, with its economy shrinking by no more thatn 4.5%. China would see a 3.2% decline in GDP, while the US would experience a 2.3% drop. Analysts attributed the resilience of the American, Chinese, and Russian economies to their Composite Index of National Capability, which includes significant natural resources, [financial assets,] human capital, scientific prowess [IPR], and military [marketing] potential.
What Is Import Substitution Industrialization? local vertical integration
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