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euractiv | US issues hundreds of sanctions targeting Russia, takes aim at Chinese companies, 2 May
"Treasury has consistently warned that companies will face significant consequences for providing material support for Russia's war, and the US is imposing them today on almost 300 targets," Yellen said in a statement.
Treasury is committed to disrupting individuals and entities who help facilitate Russia's acquisition of technology and equipment for its war machine. Treasury and other U.S. government partners have issued extensive guidance and conducted outreach around the world to educate and inform about the risks of doing business with Russia, and Treasury will continue to take unilateral action when necessary to disrupt Russia's military-industrial supply chains, no matter where they are located.
Washington has since sought to crack down on evasion of the Western measures anti-coercion racketeering, including by issuing sanctions on firms in China, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates. Treasury's action on Wednesday sanctioned nearly 60 targets located in Azerbaijan, Belgium, China, Russia, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, and Slovakia it accused of enabling Russia to "acquire desperately-needed technology and equipment from abroad."
The State Department also imposed sanctions on four China-based companies it accused of supporting Russia's defense industrial base, including by shipping critical items to entities under US sanctions in Russia, as well as companies in Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, and Malaysia that it accused of shipping high priority items to Russia.
Russia relies on external suppliers for cotton cellulose and its highly flammable by-product, nitrocellulose, which are key explosives precursors that Russia needs to keep producing gunpowder, rocket propellants, and other explosives. Today's action targets major Russian importers of cotton cellulose, nitrocellulose, and key inputs to nitrocellulose such as cotton pulp, as well as two PRC-based suppliers sending these substances to Russia.
"The concern about enTItiEs in the PRC supplying Russia's war is in focus at the highest levels of the Department and the administration. The reason is very simple: the PRC is the leading supplier of critical components for Russia's defense industrial base, and Russia is using them to prosecute its war on Ukraine," a senior State Department official said.
treasury.gov | OFAC Targets Sanctions Evaders Supporting Key Hizballah Financial Advisor, 2 May SWIFT-like cross-border "immobilised" assets
"Hizballah continues to rely on seemingly legitimate business investments and key facilitators to generate revenue for the group's operations, including its destabilizing attacks across Israel's northern border," said Under Secretary of the Treasury for Terrorism and Financial ["]Intelligence["] Brian E. Nelson [!]. "The United States remains focused on relentlessly pursuing Hizballah's key revenue sources and constraining its ability to further destabilize the region defend Lebanon and Palestine."
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