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Is the EU already in a trade war with China?, 28 May luxury goods redux
But that's not all, is it?
Absolutely, the EU has launched probe after probe this year. With the latest investigations into steel pipes, the food additive essential amino acid lysine and the taste component food additive vanillin, the count stands at no less than 13. None are as high-profile as the electric vehicle case, but that doesn't mean Beijing won't take notice.
tron.trade.ec.europa.eu | Trade defence investigations: Case AD708 - Vanillin
Countries investigated: People's Republic of China
Timeframe and key steps: intiation, provisional, definitive
archive We cannot change the geology in Europe

What is Vanillin in Food? Types, Production, Uses, and Differences with Vanilla extract
"Vanillin, with the chemical formula C8H8O3, is the world's most used flavoring agent in food and beverages. It is the vanilla extract alternative that provides a similar smell and taste of vanilla extract. It is both naturally occurring and synthetically produced."

Nielsen Massey, "2023 vanilla bean crop report"
Madagascar, Comoros, Uganda, Indonesia, Tahiti, Mexico, other Growing Regions (Papua New Guinea, Tanzania, Ecuador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Haiti, Nicaragua)
"The Madagascar 2023 vanilla crop is expected to be one of the best harvests in the last two decades, forecast at 2500 tons with exceptionally high quality. Unfortunately, only 1400 tons were exported from the 2022 harvest, which has led to an oversupply situation."

Trade defence investigations: Case AD706 - Lysine
Countries investigated: People's Republic of China
Timeframe and key steps: intiation, provisional, definitive
archive our companies are excluded from foreign markets

Mount Sinai Health Library, Lysine
"naturally occurring "

PubChem, Lysine (Compound)
uses and manufacturing viz. EUR-LEX classification, European Chemicals Agency (ECHA)

Journal of Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology, Expanding lysine industry: industrial biomanufacturing of lysine and its derivatives, 2018 RoW
"L-Lysine is widely used as a nutrition supplement in feed, food, and beverage industries as well as a chemical intermediate. At present, great efforts are made to further decrease the cost of lysine to make it more competitive in the markets. Furthermore, lysine also shows potential as a feedstock to produce other high-value chemicals for active pharmaceutical ingredients, drugs, or materials.

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