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WE CAN'T READ 14 MILLION COHEN DOCUMENTS ... 2,800 subpoenas, 500 search warrants, 230 orders for communication records, 50 orders authorizing use of pen registers, 13 requests to foreign governments for evidence, and testimonies by approximately 500 witnesses ... BY THURSDAY.

Karim Khan: "Rome Statute values are quintessential American values."

Policy on Complementarity and Co-operation [pp 24-30]:

As part of this work, the OTP has partnered with Microsoft, Accenture Avanade, and other technology actors [eNTiTIes?] to develop cutting-edge solutions for the analysis of large volumes of digital data composed of heterogenous file types, much of it photographs, videos, and audio files. The Office has benefited significantly in this regard from voluntary financial contributions from several States Parties and from the European Commission, which have enabled a critical investment to strengthening its technological capacity.

Under this initiative, the following aspects have been implemented, setting a stronger basis for complementarity efforts with:
• A new Evidence Lifecycle Management System ...
• Cloud-based platform ...
• Automated transcription and translation ...

Drawing on these new platforms, the Office will be able to harness enhanced cognitive tools in analysing information collected. Through the appropriate use of artificial intelligence [computer programming] and machine learning tools [computer programming], the OTP [computer processor units] will be able to mass transcribe and translate text from video and audio files collected pursuant to its investigative activities. This step holds the potential for revolutionising the ability of the Office to draw on such data, reducing the need for investigators and analysts to conduct in-depth review of all such files and instead allowing staff to target searches on videos containing references to specific individuals, locations, or other keywords.

European Court of Auditors, eca.europa.eu | SPECIAL REPORT No.08: EU Artificial intelligence ambition, May 2024
"We conclude that the Commission and national measures were not effectively coordinated due to the few governance tools available, their partial implementation, and outdated targets."
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