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semafor | China declines to meet with US on nuclear arms control, US official says, 1 May
The US and China held their first meeting on nuclear arms control in nearly five years in November [2023 "Woodside Summit", San Francisco], and while those talks did not lead to substantial breakthroughs, sitting down to discuss their growing nuclear rivalry was seen as a small step forward.

"On the arms-control front, we really want to see China respond to some of our more substantive ideas on risk-reduction, and we're still waiting to see if they will," the White House's top arms control official, Pranay Vaddi, said at an event at the Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies in January.

aftershock | RAND: Strategies for the US victory over China, 2 May complete cliff notes
The American analytical center RAND Corporation has prepared a report "Military theories of US victory in a potential war with China [21.02.24]." This report outlines five potential "victory theories" for the United States in a war with China over Taiwan and analyzes the risks of escalation associated with it. The authors justify the need for their work by saying that today's choice of the power component that the United States will rely on will affect which "victory theories" will be viable in ten years.
• Complete victory
• Limited victory
• Limited defeat
• Complete defeat
• Total destruction
The obsession of the Americans to impose "rules" that they themselves formulate and according to which for some reason the opponents should play was revealed in the report "Military theories of US victory in a potential war with China" in full.
archive DNI Annual Threat Assessment, Dec 11th 2023, FMPRC system UPDATE
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