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irishtimes | Jewish Social Democrats candidate claims she was dropped after raising concerns about anti-Semitism, 2 May itinerant prophet
Social Democrats source says Orli Degani`s candidacy became 'unsustainable' after she objected to the use of the Palestinian flag at party events
She was deselected by the party last Friday. The party confirmed she is no longer a candidate for the local elections. Ms Degani described her deselection as an "affront to the values of equality and inclusivity I have come to know since immigrating to these shores".

Ms Degani and her husband Hidai set up a business, OH Degani Consultants Ltd, in Ireland in 2018 having lived in several countries including Israel where she studied at the University of Haifa.

Soc Dems drop Dún Laoghaire candidate after 'internal review', 1 May
It is understood there was a feeling in the party that Ms Degani's views were no longer compatible with the Social Democrats' stance on the war in Gaza.
She added that she had raised a concern that has been growing in the local Jewish community "where local people like me were feeling more and more unwelcome and unsafe in Ireland and in Dún Laoghaire".

"And I sought to constructively engage internally and raise these concerns," she said. "I could not have expected what came next. I will be issuing a further statement in the coming days, after I take legal advice."

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merkur.de | Nach Angriff auf SPD-Politiker Matthias Ecke: Tausende bei Demonstrationen in Dresden und Berlin
...Update vom 5. Mai, 20.24 Uhr: Nach dem brutalen Angriff auf den SPD-Europaabgeordneten Matthias Ecke in Dresden haben sich in der sächsischen Metropole sowie in Berlin tausende Menschen zu Solidaritätskundgebungen gegen rechte Gewalt versammelt. Vor dem Brandenburger Tor in Berlin fand am Sonntagabend eine Kundgebung unter dem Motto ,,Haltung zeigen gegen Hass und Gewalt: Unsere Demokratie lässt sich nicht einschüchtern!" statt....

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ChatGPT | Teenager turns himself in for assault on SPD pol, 5 May
The teenager reported to police in Dresden early Sunday morning and said he was "the perpetrator who had knocked down the SPD politician," the police said in a statement. The 17-year-old did not provide any detailed information, according to the media outlet Der Spiegel.
Ecke is only the most high-profile victim of violence.
"The SPD has blamed supporters of the far-right [EPP] party Alliance for Germany (AfD) for the attack on Ecke. Their supporters are now completely disinhibited [free?] and apparently see us democrats as fair game"
Last week, two Greens deputies were abused while campaigning in Essen in western Germany and another was surrounded by dozens of demonstrators in her car in the east of the country.

According to provisional police figures, 2,790 crimes were committed against politicians in Germany in 2023, up from 1,806 the previous year, but less than the 2,840 recorded in 2021, when legislative elections took place.

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