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NIMA ALKHOSHID @15:24: We know that Olaf Scholz, Janet Yellen, and right now Antony Blinken have been visiting China, and they were trying to convince Chinese that to not support Russia in this conflict in Ukraine. When you see this type of political behavior on the part of the United States, do you think they sent, they support Taiwan against China, does it make sense to you?
DMITRY ORLOV: Well, I think that there are two games being played. One is a sort of posturing game on the part of [US] American and European politicians, where they act important by flying to China and being recieved. The real content of the discussions and the real protocol of the meetings is not really discussed in America or western press. Basically, it tries to show their people in the best possible light and a completly different game is being played by the Chinese, which is strictly a humiliation game. For instance, Ursula von der Leyen flies to Beijing and is sent through passport control, because the European Union is not a country and diplomats are from countries. So she's not a diplomat, and she's not an official of any recognized country. So she gets to go through passport control. You know, that was a really nice gesture.
OpEd | Xi's Europe visit shows the EU needs an economic intelligence service, 3 May
As Chinese President Xi Jinping prepares to touch down in Paris for his first visit to Europe in five years on Monday, European intelligence agencies are abuzz with activity.
Economic security agenda with no economic intelligence
The challenge of supply chain resilience reveals the difficulty of building a European economic security agenda without economic intelligence.
EU, US to share data on semiconductor market distortion (05.04.24)
To effectively address this challenge, the European Commission must aggregate and analyze strategic information on a scale surpassing that of individual member states and private entities. This would establish the Commission as a pivotal player in supply chain resilience decisions, benefiting all Eu countries and European businesses. However, this endeavour faces obstacles, including the need for the European Commission to prove to member states and EU companies that it can be trusted to keep sensitive information ["trade secrets"] safe....
EU says information from three Chinese EV makers insufficient, 4 May
If the Commission concludes that the provided information from sampled [?] companies BYD, SAIC, and Geely is insufficient, it could use evidence available elsewhere to compute tariffs, a move that can inflate [the price of EV imports to European MSRPs] ....
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