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kyivindependen | The REPO Act hasn't won the war for Russian assets, 7 May
...For one, the bill does not guarantee the confiscation of Russian assets - this is a decision for the U.S. president.
Another issue is that the REPO Act stipulates [?] that any efforts by the U.S. to confiscate and allocate Russian assets must be done in conjunction with international allies, including the G7, the European Union, and other countries.
DIVISION F, Title I, Title II - Repurposing of Russian sovereign assets
The fact that the U.S. would require the prior consent of foreign governments [nope] before it could take discretionary action has been criticized by legal experts [?] as being "unprecedented" and "unconstitutional."
SEC.203 Prohibition on release of blocked Russian sovereign assets.
(a) In general.—No Russian sovereign asset that is blocked or effectively immobilized by the Department of the Treasury before the date specified in section 104(j) may be released or mobilized, except as otherwise authorized by this division, until the date on which the President certifies to the appropriate congressional committees
Russian assets in the U.S. are also only a drop in the bucket, totaling around $4-5 billion. This barely scratches the surface of Ukraine's $486 billion reconstruction bill or $100 billion annual war costs....
ChatGPT | Zelensk* Reveals 10-Year Military Aid Plan between U.S. and Ukraine, 1 May
"negotiations for the bilateral security agreement are underway, with teams from both Ukraine and the United States collaborating on drafting the text"

< wipes tears >

sum chump fell for the "unrepayable loan" scam.

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