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pravda | Zaluzhny's pause. As you can see, the appointment of Zaluzhny has not yet taken place. Moreover, he did not officially respond to Zelensky's written invitation to become Ukraine's ambassador to the UK, 5 May
According to our information, people with two arguments are walking around Zaluzhny:

Valera, leave for the sake of Ukraine, before May 21, otherwise I can drag you into a new Maidan, and it can happen to you, and then.... Well, you get it;

Valera, stay, we have one last chance to take out this green shobla on May 21 with Bankova. Then Ukraine will remain. There's no way without you. Only you can lead the column going to the Bank.

While Zaluzhny is considering these proposals in the shadows, the ratings of the government are rapidly declining, along with stocks of air defense missiles... And history is inexorably moving towards the next bifurcation point.

kyivindependent | Zelensk*'s term would have expired this month, but he's staying. Russia wants to use it, 6 May
Officially, the administration stays away from the topic. Unofficially, its members have been warning allies for months that Russia was preparing a targeted campaign to undermine Zelensk*'s legitimacy in the eyes of Ukrainians and the West. Undermining Zelensk*'s legitimacy is part of Russia's multi-component plan to destabilize Ukraine, Deputy Chief of Military Intelligence Vadym Skibitsky told the Economist [!] in a recent interview.
ChatGPT | Ukraine arrests 2 rogue colonels over secret plot to murder Zelensk*, 7 May
who were working for Russia.
Zelensk* has previously said he has survived more than 10 assassination attempts. "But it is the first time such a high-ranking official of the state security department has become [the] enemy's moles," Artem Dehtiarenko, SBU spokesman, told POLITICO....
strana | He fired a Glock and signed the flags. Zaluzhny became more active in the information field after his resignation, 8 May
Former Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny, who did not appear in public for a long time after resigning from his post, became more active in the media field and social networks. In particular, he published the first post in a long time in his Telegram channel.
Back in March, the former commander-in-chief was appointed ambassador to the UK, but has not yet begun to fulfill these duties. On April 23, adviser to the head of the Presidential Office Mikhail Podolyak assured that Zaluzhny will start working as an ambassador in the coming weeks.###
strana | "Servants of the people" in full force left the hall when they voted for the title of honorary citizen of Kiev to Zaluzhny, 8 May
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