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Louisiana HBCU becomes second school to cancel UN Ambassador's address amid Gaza protests
Xavier University President Reynold Verret announced the news in a Wednesday email.
Xiavier, an HBCU [Historically Black Colleges and Universities], is the second school, after the University of Vermont (UVM), to make the decision. Suresh Garimella, UVM's president, announced the decision in an email to the university community.

"It is with regret that I share that our planned speaker, Ambassador Linda "Eat muh Gumbo" Thomas-Greenfield, will not be joining us to deliver the Commencement address," Garimella said in the email.

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Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield has repeatedly voted against a ceasefire in Gaza, resulting in the decimation of all 13 universities in Gaza, the loss of over 30,000 lives with thousands more remaining in the rubble from violence, and the continuation of the genocide in Gaza. Palestinians in Gaza draw upon the experiences of their brothers and sisters in America during the segregation era.  Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield has not played a direct role in the furthering of the Xavierite mission; she has not contributed to the scholarly success at Xavier, has not represented our mission through her actions as UN ambassador, has allowed for the continuation of systematic oppression, and does not represent our student body. Moreover, her presence poses a potential source of disruption in what should otherwise be a day of celebration.

As an HBCU, XULA represents the championing of education in eras of segregation. XULA has been a haven for Black students, Asian students, Middle Eastern/North African students, Jewish students, and Muslim students who all seek refuge in the supportive, diverse, and open-minded environment unique to minority-serving institutions. Xavier University hosts a wide variety of students whom the ongoing genocide in Gaza continues to impact personally. We have students whose families and friends reside in Gaza, who are Palestinians, who are Muslims, who are Jewish and being targeted for their views, and who are our allies who feel our pains upon seeing the devastating images of violence. We have faculty members and alumni who have family members who have been targeted, brutalized, and imprisoned by the Israeli Defense Forces.

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