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euronews | Israeli police break up anti-government protest in Tel Aviv (12.05.24)
The protesters continue to demand that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu should resign—but not before he has signed up to a deal with Hamas to secure the release of the hostages. There are believed to be about 132 hostages in Gaza—but it's not clear whether some may have died in the midst of the war.
rmf24.pl | HAMAS: another Israeli hostage dies
The Palestinian terrorist organization said that the cause of death of Nadav Popplewell, who was abducted from Kibbutz Nirim in southern Israel, was injuries that he received during an Israeli attack in the Gaza Strip. Also on Saturday, Hamas shared an undated recording. It shows Popplewell, 51, standing in front of a white wall. A bruise is visible around his right eye. The Israeli gave his first and last name. A few hours later, the organization reported the man's death. He died because he did not receive intensive care, because the enemy is destroying hospitals in the Gaza Strip, said Hamas spokesman Abu Ubayda....
dw | Two doctors killed in Israeli air strike in central Gaza, says agency, 12 May - video
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