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Poll Smoke. Generation Z leads disaffected Americans off the campaign rails.

T -188

• The Don Cheeto (R)
• Nikki Two-Tones (R)
• Perry WUT? (R)
• not that Scott, the other one (R)
• Asa (R)
• dont-say-de-Santis (R)
•Dakato Doug Tech (R)
• Texass Hurd (R)
• Vivek WHO? (R)
• Pilgrim Pence (J)
• Christie Kreme Do'nuts (R)
• Marianne (D)
RFK, Jr (I)

proposed to take a "no-spoiler" pledge with Genocide Joe to commission a survey measuring which of the two is the weakest challenger to Trump.
Rt Rev Dr Cornel West (JFP)
told NewsNation Now, "Anytime you have a military occupation on college campuses, it is clear that there's been a moral meltdown and a spiritual breakdown."
• Phil The Builder (D)
the-other-Jill (G)
charged with resising arrest and assaulting an officer
• Joe face-palm (D)
• Literally Anybody Else (N/A)
by Cat on Thu May 2nd, 2024 at 01:29:19 AM EST
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