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Guerre en Ukraine : un Français parti combattre en Ukraine témoigne | March 2022 |

Some French people have decided to go and fight alongside the Ukrainian soldiers. Le 20 Heures met one of them in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine.

His gaze sweeps the streets of kyiv (Ukraine), and his hand is never far from his precision rifle. Ernesto, sniper in the Foreign Legion, is not Ukrainian but French. He's here for one of his brothers in arms. "On the second day of the Russian invasion, I had one of my Ukrainian comrades who was with me in France in the Foreign Legion. His family was killed by the Russians," explains Ernesto, who therefore decided to come and fight the Russian invasion. Russian army in Ukraine.

Military since he was 17

A soldier at 17 in the Alpine hunters, then a legionnaire engaged in Afghanistan and Mali, Ernesto has also already participated in five missions against the Russians. In one of these missions, he lost four of his "brothers", as he calls them, following a missile strike. Dying for Ukraine therefore makes sense for this soldier. He's not here for the money: in the south of France, he founded his luxury concierge business two years ago, after the army. But he assures that he will stay in Ukraine as long as necessary.

My calling card ... killing people.

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