Welcome to European Tribune. It's gone a bit quiet around here these days, but it's still going.

About the European Tribune

The European Tribune -- online since 2005 -- is a forum for informed dialogue between Europeans on their national and European affairs and also with the rest of the world on global political, economic, and environmental matters.

Information and discussion on the foreign policy of the major powers, and the domestic politics of countries large and small -- and how these are perceived from elsewhere -- are a core staple of the European Tribune, along with world issues like climate change and energy sources, the future of the European Union, money, globalisation and imbalances, migration, food and agriculture. Mainstream media presentation of these questions, and its influence on general public opinion, are the subject of comment in the daily Newsroom.

No single nation predominates among users, what's more, many have roots in more than one country. Users often provide more in-depth and more 'real-life' reports than those of foreign correspondents of the mass media.

Lighter stories, travel logs, accounts of personal experience and the like are appreciated. So is a sense of humour. The community exchanges news and views in daily open threads, and the site, as an added extra, includes a specialist beer blog.

The language used is generally English, though posting in other languages is not forbidden. Regulars on the site are capable of reading and translating from a fair cross-section of languages.

Joining the European Tribune community is free. It enables you to post comments and your own blog posts ("diaries") on topics of your choosing, as well as to rate other users' comments and recommend their diaries. To join, please see this page.

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