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So he did it again

by name Wed Dec 14th, 2005 at 01:53:56 PM EST

Our favorite representant from the axis of evil did it again. In a matter of weeks he has managed to insult Israel as nobody had done before for the third time. He sent them running to their friends in Europe and the US. The US and Europe - a.k.a. the International Community, a.k.a. the Western Civilization or just plain "the West" - retorted in kind. The Mighty Wurlitzer (TM) shot broadside after broadside at bad, bad Ahmadinejad, the issue was brought before the UN security council, Israeli officials commented that "thanks god we have the resources to deal with them", western punditocracy and officialdom were at loss over how to escalate their demonstrations of infinite anger, and the levites were read aloud to iranian ambassadors, with no obvious effect.

Business as usual ? A basket case of "hate mongerer", "muslim anti-semitism", "lowdown, irrational populism", "cultural insensibility" ? Or something else altogether ? Is he luring the americans and israel into a trap ? What will be the outcome of this show ?

So, before you jump on me as usual, put yourself in the situation:

You become president of a country which which has has US bases all around, which has two neighboring countries newly turned into colonies of The West, half of your country and most of its important population centers are within reach of Israels airforce, your country has been under some or other kind of sanctions and blockades since 1979, what is more time than the age of 50% of your population. You have a huge drug consumption problem because, not only is the stuff highly popular by itself, but also the other Bad Boys have started to pull in record harvests in neighboring Afghanistan, what makes your country a transit route (and market) for their stuff.

You become president of the country with the backing of the caste of ultra-rich religious extremists who are rapidly losing their influence due to demographic factors; most people in fact couldn't care less about the weird edicts and prohibitions emanating from your friends, the high religious authorities, which are followed for appearances only. Your citizens are in fact so preoccupied with sex that you have that huge demographic problem, about 50% of them age 20 or below. That means you have to deliver, deliver, deliver if you want to stay in control even in name: jobs, opportunities, food, education, tech and social development.

You set out to develop new energy sources - nuclear reactors of all possibilities to avert the coming depletion of your oil wells and The West threatens you with nuking the country flat. You try to find partners for making business necessary for the countries survival and The West smears you and imposes "legal" blockades thru the UN. Your 'leet military is pulling at the leash badly after that punk from texas and his fatso friend from tel-aviv took to dissing your country, and they've started making all sort of weird but simple alliances with the russians and the chinese: you flood them with oil, they flood you with weapons, any weapons.

Toe make matters even more complicated, behind you there are your friends the owners of pistachio plantations and oil industry who want you to keep the status-quo and their relative privilege, or else ...

So: what do you do ? Deliver, deliver, deliver ? A hard proposition, because most of the stuff you dont have. So you deliver some and fake some and make up some. Since you're also kind of smallish, you pull the Sylvester "el enano" Stallone number: The Mucho Macho show. You go on rampage and dis the Israelis at every single chance, and add the Palestinian conundrum to the equation. You call them names so bad that even the most murderous and vilest of Westbank settlers thinks of taking summer courses in name-calling with you.

But your show is kinda dangerous because "The International Community" (TM) could decide that looking askance and showing fits of anger isnt giving them the street cred they need, and besides they need something to distract their peasantry from the lootfest the EU has become. The Israelis in turn could decide that it is boring to run death squads in Iraq and would prefer to do that (or worse) in your country. But man it DOES give you big time street cred in your country and throughout The Umma (TM).

My questions are:


Would you pull the same crappy show if you were president in an "Axis Of Evil" country ?

Why at precisely this time, when Iranians have had the menace of being nuked dangling over their head for a year or so ? Is this, as I ask above, a provocation to lure the US and israel into attacking them ? Is he just  pandering to populism at home ?

I think i've made it clear that i doubt that the man is irresponsible. As somebody who i would say has some political instinct, he should be able to come up with populist rants less offensive to the enemies who are just waiting for a pretext to attack him.

for reference, an insightful article published before todays renewed provocations from ahmadinejad can be found at http://www.atimes.com/atimes/Middle_East/GL13Ak01.html

in theory, theory and practice are equal. in practice they are not.


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