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Guantanamo-protest in NYC today

by ask Mon Jul 4th, 2005 at 04:14:10 PM EST

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I could not fail noticing Susanhu's story last Thursday on Booman Tribune, announcing a protest in NYC on 4th of July:

Join the bloggers coalition to close down Guantanamo! We can all help the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) publicize and support its Fourth of July rally in NYC (10AM-noon; 34th St, between Broadway & 7th Ave) featuring Eve Ensler, Code Pink, Gloria Steinem, Not in Our Name, Center for Constitutional Rights, and United for Peace and Justice.

Nothing posted on their site yet on today's event, but check back later.

Well, 'curly' and I were there this morning!  A beautiful, sunny morning - moderate humidity and temperature.  A perfect start for the day.

More below the fold:

The demonstration was on a section of the sidewalk on the southern side of Macy's - on 34th Street, between Broadway and 7th Avenue.  I don't know if the permit was given for this location to make it difficult for the organizers.  Two-way traffic on 34th, most of which is caused by roaring buses made speeches from the little dais difficult to hear.  The broken sound-system did not make it better.  But a moderate crowd of what I estimate to between 300-400 protesters made the best of it and enjoyed the paroles as well as readings from the Guantanomo papers.  First off were Eve Ensler,  Rachel Meeropol, Gloria Steinem and others. Slogans, such as "Torture" - "Not in my name" and "War on the World" - "Not in my name" were heard on the entire block, and curious tourists would stop and take pictures of the banners.  A few samples below:

Before it really got started

Gloria Steinem

Too many sheep


As we left, we bumped into a few Missile Dick Chicks who were in NY for Independence Day. Some of them were here during the RNC last summer as well.

Note the massive war chests and the 21" missiles.

Hey folks, what's happening here?  Top of the reco list just for a nice trip out in the sun!
Here's a link to AP's coverage of the event as per Newsday.

And if you're in need of a good laugh and some relaxing reading, follow the link above to the Missile Dick Chicks' site:

We are a posse of pissed-off housewives from Crawford, Texas, the home of our beloved President George Walker Bush. Usually we prefer to leave the talking to our husbands, but recent events have conspired to drag us away from our martinis and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals and into the streets.
We had a long talk with them and they are a hoot.  We need local chapters all over the US!
by ask on Tue Jul 5th, 2005 at 10:20:57 AM EST

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