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by Jeffersonian Democrat Sat Jul 9th, 2005 at 04:20:59 AM EST

I just read a Der Spiegel artical on a website that just popped up, so I checked it out:  http://www.werenotafraid.com

This is a heartwarming site.  As Spiegel says, it's sappy...but it is also the kind of sappy that is good for the soul.  People, average Joes, Tommy's, and Fritz's (I still love using the WWII nicknames) are putting up photos of themselves and their families to show  unity and solidarity in the face of the terrorist.  The photos have at least three words of defiance as a message to those who did this atrocity.  Most say "we're not afraid".  An act of passive resistance (think Ghandi, states Der Spiegel).

I browsed through the comments, and they're coming from all over the world.  A lot from Germany as well, which made me contemplate.  This time the German blitz over London isn't with bombs but rather with messages of peace, love, understanding, sympathy, and empathy.  One commentor even stated "this is how I love to see Europe, united!".

I highly recommend viewing the sight as just as when I was in my lowest opinion of humanity, this stood out in great contrast and made me weepy eyed and the defiance and unity of average people.  After all, it was average people, not the politicos, who were murdered.

If you do visit, definately check out Daniel Rohrig; his expression says it all as well as his message: "Fuckers!  Not afraid.  Nor impressed.


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