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The Price of Royalty in Spain - 4

by metavision Thu Nov 2nd, 2006 at 02:21:20 PM EST

1. Description.  2. The Good.  3. The Bad.  4. The Ugly.  5. Changes are in Order.

How could I forget this great source of photos?

*The royals maintain the rituals and the hierarchy of the catholic church on the public stage for major church holidays and family events.  Holy holiday visits to some religious site may make the royal family user-friendly with the old faithful, but it is clearly anachronic now.  It is very symbiotic for the 21st century, yet I hope the King has the deciding hand on that relationship and plays along, "traditions must stick together", only as a political balance.

I cannot stand idolatry scenes like Felipe and Leticia "presenting their first child to a statue of Our Lady of Atocha" in its old chapel, as apparently has been royal tradition.  For me, it´s too close to "offering in sacrifice", too close to "flesh and blood" and plainly, too biblical.  If this thirty-something couple, doesn´t "cut the crap", who will?

The church in Spain is openly right-wing (duh!) and has marched in the streets! with the PP!, against gay marriage.  Both the PP and the church may have lost more credibility for it, but the royals stayed well out of that one.

*The gender issues of "titularity" have been ignored by the royals, which may mean they are smart enough to know how well their bread is buttered.  Politicians on both sides have mentioned the issue ONLY since Leonor was born, but the lack of action says it was an opportunistic thought.


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