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Fired for crossing the ^H^H^H^H

by name Mon Jun 5th, 2006 at 08:08:53 AM EST

This is crossposted from DailyKos, from the diary of Professor Douglas Giles a.k.a. DJ-Profusion


Professor Giles was fired for allowing open discussion about the topics of zionism, Israel, Palestine in his class. I am quoting this diary entry entirely because DailyKos is known to censure 'controversial' issues.

My question to European readers here at Eurotrib: Does anybody know of similar incidents here in Europe ?

Basic Facts of the Academic Freedom Violation at Roosevelt Univeristy

by DJ ProFusion

Since so many people have asked, I thought it would be good to recount the basic facts of the academic freedom case at Roosevelt University.

I am Douglas Giles, the adjunct professor who was fired for allowing students to speak openly in a World Religions class. I have taught college philosophy, ethics, and religion since 1998. I believe that students deserve the opportunity to learn divergent viewpoints and make up their own minds. As such, I welcome questions and allow students to share their opinions and experiences as discussion is absolutely crucial to quality education.

Roosevelt University's Chair of the Department of History, Art History and Philosophy, Susan Weininger is an art history professor who has never taught religion or philosophy. Other than the interview in which she hired me in December 2003, she and I had not spoken before a series of phone calls she placed to me at my home in September 2005. In these phone calls, she told me, as department chair, to change my World Religions curriculum to exclude certain opinions and facts:

  • Students should not be allowed to ask whatever questions they want in class
  • Nothing should be mentioned in class, textbooks, or examinations that could possibly open up Judaism to criticism, especially any mention of Zionism
  • Nothing related to Palestinians or Islamic beliefs about Jerusalem should be mentioned
  • Discussion of Zionism or the Palestinian issue was "disrespectful to any Jews in the class"

I replied that those restrictions would lead to a biased class. She then made a series of disparaging comments about Palestinians concluding with the following:
W: "I hear you even allowed a Muslim to speak in class."
G: "Yes, of course, I allowed all students to speak, regardless of their religion!"
W: "You shouldn't! What disturbs me is that you act like the Palestinians have a side in this. They don't have a side! They are ANIMALS (emphasis hers)! They strap bombs to their bodies and blow up women and children! They are NOT CIVILIZED! (emphasis hers)"
She then ordered me to never bring up the conversation again to anyone and hung up. I did report the conversations to my union representative. Within a few days, I received a letter from Weininger saying I would no longer be teaching at Roosevelt.

The reason for my job termination is clear. Because I allowed open and respectful discussion of Judaism and Islam in my classes, I am censored from teaching at Roosevelt. My union, RAFO (Roosevelt Adjunct Faculty Organization - http://rafo.org) has consistently supported me in fighting this violation of academic freedom. They filed a formal grievance Nov. 29, 2005. Roosevelt's response has been a succession of disingenuous delaying tactics. Every communication their story changes, yet, Roosevelt has never once denied that Weininger made the statements. Roosevelt's Associate Provost, Louise Love, has even defended Weininger's statements saying that "as chair of the department, Weininger had a right to express her views," that "it is within the University's province to determine its curriculum," and that Weininger's demand that Giles restrict the content of the course "is not an issue of academic freedom but a pedagogical one." Love even characterized Weininger's comments disparaging Palestinians as an "academic discussion" where Weininger was "defending her position passionately."

RAFO's executive council members have gone above and beyond the call and I can't praise them enough. They have risked their own faculty positions to fight for the rights of all faculty and students at Roosevelt. They have been extraordinarily patient and have given Roosevelt every opportunity to resolve this case. In response, Roosevelt has offered four different cover stories to try and shift the argument away from the academic freedom violation. Their cover stores are clearly manufactured, self-contradictory, and at times laughable in how obviously false they are. In essence, Roosevelt has been lying. Roosevelt also has continually refused to consider our evidence, speak with our witnesses, refused to negotiate in good faith, refused to provide requested information, and conducted themselves in such a manner that RAFO has filed two additional grievances over Roosevelt's contract violations. We are currently scheduled for national arbitration and are supported in our academic freedom case by the Illinois Education Association.

I hope that you also find this deeply troubling. This ugly episode impinges on all of us and our freedom to teach and learn without interference. In no way should faculty and staff ever be censored or pressured to discuss subjects from only one biased perspective. If these acts are allowed to stand, then the standards and learning environment of education not only at Roosevelt University but everywhere have been damaged.

Weeeellll, we all know that discussing the Israeli / palestinian situation in the USA is a minefield.

So the only comment I would make is that I don't actually see where the mangled politics of the Middle East/zionism/palestinian freedom actually fit into a discussion on the Jewish religion.

Anymore than Al Qaeda is an irrelevance in a discussion of Islam.

keep to the Fen Causeway

by Helen (lareinagal at yahoo dot co dot uk) on Tue Jun 6th, 2006 at 07:31:16 AM EST
 First, to answer your question, I know of no similar cases in European universities; that proves exactly nothing, of course.

 If there were, I could well be ignorant of them.  It would not surprise me if something very much like your deplorable case were found in Euro universities, or even, indeed, "the other way round," so to speak--that is, a prof silenced, censored, intimidated for allowing too free a discussion of the Israeli point of view--a point of view with which I personally have almost no sympathy whatsoever.

 Unlike Helen, I have no difficulty in imagining the direct relevance of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to issues in a college course on world religions.  Indeed, it strains my imagination as to how any responsible professor in such a course could avoid direct discussion of that conflict and its bearing on the tenets of Judaism and Islam.

 For what it's worth, I wish you success and courage in your battle with the university.

 If letters from these quarters would help your cause, in your opinion, I would be happy to write one; simply supply the name and address--or e-mail the same to my address figured at the bottom of my posts.

"In such an environment it is not surprising that the ills of technology should seem curable only through the application of more technology..." John W Aldridge

by proximity1 on Wed Jun 7th, 2006 at 12:13:42 PM EST

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