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Kofi Annan interview

by kcurie Sun Oct 28th, 2007 at 12:33:53 PM EST

SNARK.... I thought we all need a little bit of loosing it up. Specially myself after an awful week in Barcelona and after so much reading you write about war with Iran and oil over 100$... let's look a bit at the bright side of life (while we can :))...translation below the fold

Today Morgan Freeman...

KA- what are you saying??? Hello I am..Morgan Freeman!!!.. NO I am Kofi Annan.. what a pity

Today Kofi Anan..

KA- Well, yes, just here to tell you that it has been one year since I left the UN. Let me tell you that I love it,  living the life of the fatty happy pig in the three pig's tale. My wife was crying for my departure (female voice: sure always there in middle of..) Now I have new interests with .. you see for example watching through this telescope... the stars.... well and sometimes a female neighbour.

KA-As I was saying.. Now taking care of myself you see.. because the UN.. the UN..a problem..every day was a new banana.. because you had to be in the middle, to mediate... and normally you had to go and personally!!! to the country . And I wondered a lot of times.. what the hell am I doing there? because you should imagine .. going to a country which was normally in World's asshole. And the people there talking weird languages Mesjalir Mesjaliri.. and then the parts oh my god the parts with mohjias faces... whispering this whispering that.. look I said.. is it really that urgent that we see it now, can we leave it for tomorrow? "well.actually we could..." yeah? then we leave it for tomorrow!! let's stop right now it's already 9 30. OK OK you see, what we are going to do is the following: I leave you here my e-mail kofianan@yahoo.com and if you get some kind of agreement or solution just send an e-mail.  Did YOU ever send me en e-mail? No.. well neither they did.

KA- How many conflicts did I resolve? well..maybe.. none. But what I did do was to send blue helmet soldiers to operations supported by UN.. and the blue helmets asked me " What do we do there Annan?" Well I do not know my dear sons: I do not know, just go there, do not break anything, bring some stuff with you try to eat everything you are put on the table " But what we do with the war?".. you see..in despair  I really do not care.

KA- well more things.. for example,the day Collin Powell went to the UN for the Iraq stuff with the proofs of the WMD .. this was really the top.. he got there with a face.. poor boy face... because he is the best of all the bunch (of bastards) he gets his little blue notebook  out and picks up a picture printed in a ink-injection printer glued to a foam core board and the little one says "this is an uranium truck coming out from Baghdad" yes yes believe me ,as you are hearing it, it's true what I am saying.. what a crazy stuff. I said "Are you sure you did not do this with Photoshop 5.0 using non-Gaussian defocusing"..well, no, no... now really I told him "de noir a noir is it true?"..No? well, Powell your mouth is saying one thing but your face is saying another.. and of course in the UN upset after upset....this hair.. you really can not know how soft it is .. how comfortable.. you have to wear it short..and rounded...you do not really need a pillow... nothing.. neither butterfly pillow...all soft

KA- And yeah it is really cool my name Kofi Annan: Kofi Annan..cool.. well the only thing that made me feel sorry about leaving the UN...was  the..well. the .. what was the name.. the.. well.. let me remember.. ah yea the Alliance of Civilizations.. that Zapaterrr proposed.. Zapaterrrrrggrgr..Alliance of Civilizations .what a grreat idearrr  and actually we made a coreography and I was never able to perform it... (coreography: .-Alliance of Civilizations..all together "around the world".. black white, chinese,  muslims.."around the world"..!!-) and in "the around the world" Zapaterrrr was supposed to get out from the inside of the world balloon ..dressed as a dove pigeon..it was really a pity.. I had to leave it midway through...and Zapater was angry.. "please do not go"..  but I really had to quit.....

KA- Kofi or milk jej ejejjej... .. look the missile pepino of three o clock leaving a beautiful multicolour trail.... (Kofi... food is ready!!!)

Collin Powell in the UN introducing the proof of WMD.. a pity nobody really said.... "are you sure you did not do this with Photoshop 5.0 using non-guassian de-focusing?".. I am cracking up!!! XXXDDDDDDDD

A pleasure

I therefore claim to show, not how men think in myths, but how myths operate in men's minds without their being aware of the fact. Levi-Strauss, Claude

by kcurie on Sun Oct 28th, 2007 at 12:41:12 PM EST

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