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New Endeavors

by Lasthorseman Sun Sep 14th, 2008 at 05:53:50 PM EST

The manufacturing company I worked for is being dismantled.  The additional bonus is that management's decisions will become future case studies in how to lower worker's benefits worldwide.
Yes it's number 10.

It was proposed that I stay on for three months in order to train my replacement but my survival depends upon my doing stuff that benefits me over the bonus plan and golden parachute of my CEO's Boca Raton mansion.  Excuse me for being a selfish cretin.

I admit to being occupied with my own personal Armageddon and as a result and have not devoted much time watching political shit.  I recall something about pigs and lipstick which don't impress me much when living in a cesspool.  I also note the vacuum from lamestream media during that historic and glorious anniversary of the "Heinous Terrorist Attack" of 911.  What guys is this "Post 911 world" loosing it's marketing appeal?

No more building stuff for world published scientists.  I am back to rennovating my apartment house.  Sweating copper pipes, rebuilding kitchens and bathrooms and updating electrical outlets.  Yes I do it all myself.  Being a Murikan prole, peasant if you will.  Fighting the impossible just to survive.

Ultimate worst case scenario?  The US becomes a depopulated nature preserve.
It's all yours Europe.


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