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A Very Bad Script

by Lasthorseman Mon Sep 29th, 2008 at 06:28:06 PM EST

What ever the globalists are putting in the water or beaming electromagnetic waves through the air it does not work on all Americans.  Some of us still have an attention span longer than thirty seconds.  I would rather have an Apocalypse and at least go out with a big bang rather than the slow torture of an ever decreasing lifestyle.  

From two years ago the script was written, actually even before that.
The Amero by 2010 so I'd say the plan is right on schedule with this bullshit "nationalization" of American private industry.
Media coverage of all of this in the US is juvenile and devoid of real information.

Hey "our" government failed to do even the simple thing of providing for a dignified retirement via Social Security.  The answer was for people to save for retirement via 401K plans which of course are now crap.  Government is the enemy.  Gee, does that make me a "terrorist" for not endorsing the global paradigm?



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