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California Secession Diary #13 and final: How will we defend ourselves?

by THE Twank Wed Nov 23rd, 2016 at 09:24:34 AM EST

Below the fold find a page from the Calexit Manifesto pdf. and two three gems I found on YouTube.  I've omitted a number of Calexit topics which I thought were unimportant (Will we have our own Olympic team? Yeah, I'm losing sleep over that one.). Thanks for the use of the hall and I wish you all good luck.

Only one country has ever invaded California - the United States. Modern-
day California doesn't have military enemies and in fact, there are 23
countries in the world, including Iceland and Panama, that do not have a
regular military and yet they manage to remain free from invasion. Unlike
these countries, however, California will have a military that is ample for our
defense in North America.

What does ample for our defense in North America mean? Well, Canada
defends itself with about $18 billion a year while Mexico protects itself with
even less. In fact, the global average for military budgets is about $17 billion
a year. Only the United States spends way more, so it is no surprise that this
country remains one of the only major industrialized countries in the world
that can't guarantee healthcare, among other services, to all of its citizens.

An independent California will be able to refocus our priorities on these
important quality of life issues while still providing for the defense and
security of our country. However, independence does not mean the U.S.
military is going to leave California right away.
Although this campaign does
not take many specific policy positions, instead leaving them to be decided
by future elections, we do take the position that California will negotiate a
military base agreement with the Americans.

These military base agreements will require the Americans to lease the
land their bases are on just like they do in many countries around the world.
These leases will bring in revenue each year that we can use to subsidize
California's defense and national security budget. Perhaps most importantly,
an independent California will be more secure and at less risk of attack
simply because we will no longer be involved in all of America's military
activities that actually perpetuate and instigate terrorism around the world.

Twank Note: I found this yesterday on my Yahoo home page.

Californians might vote in 2018 on taking steps toward secession in a 'Calexit'

Still, a state holds no right to secede under federal law. Californians would need to pass an amendment to the US Constitution, which requires the blessings of the other 49 states.

Ooooops!  Fat chance for that. I could be right ... the entire Calexit exercise will prepare California for the inevitable disintegration of the U.S. Empire ala the now defunct USSR. Either way we tell the Red Mainland to Fuck Off !

Final Twank Note: So I've come to the end of this diary series. Every event emanating
from Washington/New York proves that Calexit is not only desirable but NECESSARY.

Today I asked the question, "How is Keith Olbermann taking the Trump victory ?" and, hey hey, I found two gems. Enjoy them, and good bye.


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