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Biochemist Goes to War: 6

by THE Twank Tue Mar 21st, 2017 at 04:57:37 AM EST

A Biochemist Goes To War  Part VI

White Nationalists

Scene 1: Rory in Amy's kitchen.  More pie.  Rory: "The house in Sacramento looks great ... quiet, residential neighborhood ... near a university ... get the hell out of Illinois while you still can. All the Red states are turning into hellholes ... The Enemy is destroying everything decent it can.  These are scorched-earth policies they're performing ... if you're weak or vulnerable, some accountant will find a way to capitalize on you.  The homeless will be targeted  ... probably as test subjects for immortality drugs for the uberwealthy. Time to head to the high ground ... I've had a 2nd home in Sacramento for years.  Now that your mom has passed on, it's time you moved to Sac too." "Rory, I was born in Illinois ... it's easy for you ... you came from upstate New York so uprooting to California isn't that big a deal.  My whole life is here." "Yep, and I'm trying to make sure your horrible death isn't here ... and that's what's flowing out of D.C. right now."

Scene 2: Rory driving around rural Illinois ... stapling posters on flagpoles advertising the upcoming KKK/ White Nationalist meeting in two weeks.  Free drink at the local Hoo-Hoo's if you show a stamp from the meeting.  One area is frequented by the God's Angels motorcycle group; another area is the home territory of the Momma's Motherfuckers motorcycle gang ... both groups hate each other.

Scene 3: Rory and Conrad at The Pot Shop.  Rory; "You said you wanted a shot at the White Nationalists ... this'll be it.  I'll be packing up for Sacramento in a month and this will be my last activity here ... let's make it good."

Scene 4.  Outside the White Nationalist/ KKK meeting.  The Great Leader and The Grand Wizard are addressing two 18 year old girls in cheerleader outfits who will be putting ink stamps on the hands of the people entering the meeting.  Great Leader: "God, you girls make me wish I was young again.  Why don't you come around to my office after the meeting and I'll show you how adults celebrate?" Grand Wizard: "I'll be there too.  If you're lucky I'll let you see what's under my sheet." Both girls have big smiles ... like the idea ... finally something more interesting than pimply boys fumbling with your bra. The leaders go inside. Rory is across the street ... sitting on a park bench.  He has an ear piece tuned into the output frequency of the surveillance fly on the underside of the girls' table. Rory thinks, "Sorry boys, I don't think the girls will make it to your party."   The girls practice using their stamps ... one is a teddy bear ... the other is a bible.  There are two ink pads ... both black ink.  A few people show up ... get their hands stamped ... go inside.  Rory goes over to the girls.  "Ladies, beautiful night isn't it? I've been sent to give you two fresh ink pads ... one is pink, the other is purple ... let me switch them with those dull black ones."  The girls thank him ... are sorry he didn't come earlier because they already have their hands stamped. "Don't stamp your hands a second time ... you might get in trouble.  Have a great evening."  More people arrive ... the girls get busy.  Big smiles. "Pink or purple ... teddy bear or bible?" Rory returns to the park bench and watches.  He has his ear piece and small microphone. "Conrad, you picking me up?" Conrad: "I've got you on one line, the fly on another.  Both coming in clear."  Rory: "I'll hang in here till things get busy."  The flow of incoming bigots is steady.  A group of 10 Momma's Motherfuckers roar in ... leave their bikes ... flirt with the cheerleaders ... get their hands stamped.  More bigots show up.  Then 15 God's Angels roar in.  The leader recognizes the Harleys of the rival gang. "Look who's here boys.  Everybody packing?" The leader steps up to the cheerleaders; "Any problem with us carrying guns inside?" "No sir, the other members of your club all had guns and so do most of the town folk ... everybody has an open carry license ... we're Americans." The bikers get their hands stamped ... go in. Rory to Conrad; "That'll do it ... I'm leaving.  My own special isomer of PCP is in the pink pad, LSD in the purple. Now we let biochemistry take its course."  Rory goes over to the cheerleaders. "You can go home now girls.  The leaders had to cancel the after hours party but they want to thank you for your time." "O shit, and I wanted to see under that guy's sheet ... maybe next time."  "I'll take the ink pads, ladies."  A few stragglers  show up ... enter the meeting. The surveillance fly on the underside of the table flies across the street to the park bench Rory had been sitting on.

Scene 5:  Rory driving back to the Pot Shop.  Rory to Conrad; "Still got the surveillance fly?" "Yep ... audio and video."  Fifteen minutes pass then, Conrad; "Was that a gun shot?" "You're the one listening, was it?" "Oh shit  ... OH shit ... OH SHIT!  Cops!   Swat Team!  Automatic weapons!  Rory ... get back here ... I'll record everything!"

Scene 6: The Pot Shop.  Conrad is visibly shaken. Rory is replaying the scene from the beginning. A muffled shot can be heard.  Pause.  More gunfire.  A cop car rolls up ... then another.  People start pouring out of the meeting hall ... shooting at each other.  The cops tell them to halt ... the cops get fired upon.  The cops return fire ... the Swat Team rolls up ... automatic weapons.  More people pouring out of the meeting ... bullets flying everywhere ... the Swat Team is mowing people down ... a turkey shoot.  Rory is mesmerized ... Conrad just stares into the distance.  The gunfire stops ... no one's moving other than the cops ... dead bodies piled everywhere ... KKKers in bloody sheets ... bikers ... ordinary bigots ... Great Leader ... Grand Wizard ... all dead.  Conrad recalls his fly ... hovers over the scene ... like something out of Syria. "That's it ... the fly made it back safe and sound.  I wonder how the local TV news is handling it?"  TV news commentator: "And in other news, a skirmish between White Nationalists, the KKK, and two local biker gangs produced 327 corpses for the local morgues ... those boys will be busy tonight.  Local police and a Swat team added to the fray.  This is the God fearing America we all want ... America is being made Great Again ... every red blooded American is armed and ready to kill at a moment's notice ... isn't it great?" The female broadcaster can't believe what she just heard, and continues; "In lighter news, a cat up a tree ..." Conrad hits the TV mute button.  Conrad: "We caused the death of 327 people tonight." "No, ... I caused the death of 327 of The Enemy ... you just recorded it ... so calm down." "Is this what you do ... is this what you'll continue to do?" "There's a war on ... we didn't start it, The Enemy did ... and if we don't fight back, The Enemy wins ... and we all lose ... BIG TIME!  If you want out, I don't blame you.  No sane person goes to war ... has his life threatened ... voluntarily.  The Viet Nam War ... making LBJ rich off war profiteering ... ridiculous.  Dubya's blood for oil in Iraq ... the SOB should have been .... But this war is different ... it's worth fighting ...  worth dying for.  The Enemy has taken over our Federal government ... either they die or we do. I choose them! I found an interesting You Tube on the subject ... you aught to watch it until it sinks in.    That's it.  You decide.  Rory's phone rings ... it's Jeff of the EIS of all people ... what does that nimrod want? "Yeah Jeff ... what? ... I'm a little busy right now." "Have you been watching the local news in your area?  There was a blood bath.  My boss's boss wants to talk to you ... ASAP!


Next Time: Welcome to Washington D.C.


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