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Went Missing In Norway

by Oui Mon Sep 3rd, 2018 at 05:38:13 AM EST

Missing Person - Rendition?

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WhoIs Arjen Kamphuis?

'Strange disapppearance' of WikiLeaks consultant in Norway
IT-security specialist Arjen Kamphuis vermist

Dutch related news found on international news sites .... not on Dutch media (yet)? Not found in NRC or de Volkskrant ... article Sept. 1 in De Telegraaf ...

'Arjen did not want to be accessible'

"We are now investigating whether he has traveled by train from Bodø to Trondheim. Meanwhile a friend of ours has traveled to Norway to look for Arjen ", says a seriously concerned Van de Leest. Contact with friends and family was not possible. "Arjen also did not want to be accessible. It was a holiday and he had little appetite. "Kamphuis was an avid hiker and probably went for a hike.

"On August 22 he would fly back from Trondheim, but that did not happen. And that's weird, because he had all kinds of appointments here. It is not something for him to not show up without letting anything know ", said  Ancilla Saturday morning.


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