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Obama Lost Syria - British FM Hunt Admits Defeat

by Oui Thu Jan 3rd, 2019 at 03:13:01 PM EST

The World watching the mad man in the White House ...

Trump hates to lose or even a notion he is not in control of all matters on his desk.

Europe hates Trump, he is fine with that: "Means I'm doing my job right."

Donald Trump pleased Europeans are unhappy with him | DW |

In his first Cabinet meeting of 2019, US President Donald Trump reflected on his lack of popularity in Europe. The president told reporters on Wednesday that he was unfazed by low approval ratings among Europeans, saying it was his job to demand that Europe treat the US more fairly.

"That's why I got elected," Trump said, reiterating that European countries must be pushed to increase their share of defense spending, a point he has made repeatedly when talking about NATO funding and defense and security in Europe.

"I shouldn't be popular in Europe. If I was popular in Europe, I wouldn't be doing my job," he added.

US losing its stepping stone Great Britain. The separation between mainland Europe and the States is getting BIGGER, thanks to Trump and his backers in U.S. Congress.

Twittered for the outside world to get ready for a BIG announcement ...


More to come below the fold ...

UK Foreign Minister Hunt: Syria's Assad Will Be Around for a While

British foreign minister Jeremy Hunt said that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad will remain in place for "a while" thanks to support from Russia, even though Britain's position was still that he remains a block to lasting peace.

"The British long-standing position is that we won't have lasting peace in Syria with that (Assad-led) regime, but regretfully, we do think he's going to be around for a while," Hunt told Sky News.

Nearly eight years into a war that has displaced millions of Syrians, Assad has recovered control of most of the country with support from Russia, Iran, and Iranian-backed Shi'ite Muslim groups such as Lebanon's Hezbollah.

Last week, the United Arab Emirates reopened its embassy in Damascus, marking a diplomatic boost for Assad from a U.S.-allied Arab state that once backed rebels fighting him.  

Hardtime: What two years of Trump have done to America
One year Trump: World's Approval of U.S. Leadership Drops to New Low

In the meantime, the British are losing confidence in the ending of BrExit and the new BrStart.

UK may draw strength from Singapore independence: British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt | Straits Times |

With the 200th anniversary of Sir Stamford Raffles and William Farquhar's landing in Singapore just over three weeks away, Mr Hunt said that the people of Singapore have built on the British legacy of the rule of law, clean administration, independent courts and the English language.

"The United Kingdom will always be ready to work alongside like-minded countries, and few in Asia are more like-minded than Singapore," he said at the International Institute for Strategic Studies' 34th Fullerton Lecture at The Fullerton Hotel.


However, while Britain is not a superpower nor does it have an empire, it has its strengths - as the fifth-largest economy in the world, home to some of the world's top universities and a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, he said.

"Most importantly, in a world where it is rarely possible for one country to achieve its ambitions alone, the UK has some of the best connections of any country - whether through the Commonwealth, our alliance with the United States and our friendship with our neighbours in Europe."

He said he would be launching the new UK-Singapore Partnership for the Future with Foreign Minister Vivian Balakrishnan tomorrow.

Singapore: Intolerant government, self-censorship

Brexit-backing Jeremy Hunt under fire for hailing Britain's close 'connections' with Europe as key to future success

Why Trump has few friends in Europe | Politico - July 2018 |

"These voters share a common worldview -- strongly nationalistic, opposed to immigration and multiculturalism and culturally conservative on a range of social issues."

It is this group of U.K. voters -- and the MPs who support them in the House of Commons -- who now threaten May at home: Tories who voted overwhelmingly for Brexit, and who want tighter controls on immigration and more sovereign control over trade (much like Trump's conservative base).

    "As long as Russia persists in its efforts to undermine our interests and values, we must continue to deter and counter them" -- British Prime Minister Theresa May

Trump's trade war with China amongst other global regions ...

Trump prefers to describe the 2018 Wall Street downturn as a "glitch".

Trump Took Credit for Stock Market Records. Does He Deserve Blame for the Plunge? | Bloomberg Business |


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