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City Agriculture - October 15, 2020

by gmoke Thu Oct 15th, 2020 at 05:04:00 PM EST

Map of the public access fruit trees of Toronto

Green transformation for a railway yard in St Petersburg, Russia

Self-sufficient skyscraper proposed for NYC
https:/www.lissoniandpartners.com/en/architecture/competitions/americas/completed/skylines-new-york /1289

Harrisburg, PA from abandoned school to urban eco-village, including indoor food production
https:/www.fastcompany.com/90535345/a-former-nfl-player-is-turning-this-abandoned-building-into-an- ecovillage
hat tip Media Diet: http://tinyurl.com/joinmediadiet

SUPERVERDE - urban greening modules

The Kitchen Farming Project - unemployed line cooks (and the public) invited to garden and build a new food future

Everybody Eats - a food relief program in Brattleboro, VT leverages CARES Act funds to engage local restaurants in making to-go meals for anyone in Brattleboro, Guilford, Vernon, Dummerston, or Putney who has been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis due to unemployment, underemployment, homelessness, or other challenges. Over 10,000 meals will be distributed in the month of August, with nine Brattleboro restaurants providing a total of 650 meals per day for at least four weeks.

Paris encourages all citizens to become urban gardeners

World's biggest rooftop greenhouse opens in Montreal

Asia's largest organic rooftop farm spans 236,806 square feet, can provide up to 80,000 meals (20 tons of organic food), and grows more than 40 edible species of crops, including rice, indigenous vegetables, fruit trees and herbs

Vertical forest goes wild in Chengdu, China

Resourcing an Agroecological Urbanism:  Political, Transformational and Territorial Dimensions by Chiara Tornaghi, Michiel Dehaene
/www.routledge.com/Resourcing-an-Agroecological-Urbanism-Political-Transformational-and-Terri torial/Tornaghi-Dehaene/p/book/9781138359680 PS: All previous editions of City Agriculture are available at http://cityag.blogspot.com PPS: I would have a lot more respect for Extinction Rebellion, 350.org, Mothers Out Front, Fridays for the Future, Sunrise Movement... if they spent more time publicly on these kinds of activities which have immediate practical applications in reducing the effects of climate chaos, build community, and are a necessary step in speeding the transition to an ecologically logical future.

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