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Dutch Whistleblower: AG Khan and the Islamic Bomb

by Oui Tue Jul 7th, 2020 at 01:42:06 PM EST

Today Frits Veerman is recognized as an official whistleblower after 45 years

Nuclear espionage whistleblower: "The Pakistani nuclear bomb is made in Holland"

In the context of the World Whistleblowing Day we share an exclusive interview with the Dutch whistleblower Frits Veerman, who revealed the great nuclear espionage of the 1970s. Veerman was one of the first to bring his case to the newly founded House for Whistleblowers in 2016. He wants reparation and compensation because he feels that the Dutch government treated him unjustly at the time. The interview was conducted by Transparency International Netherlands (TI-NL) Communications & Project Officer Lotte Rooijendijk. Transparency International believes that whistleblowers should be protected: they contribute to a world in which wrongdoing are resolved, instead of being covered up.

In the 1960s, Frits Veerman worked at VMF-Stork's Physical Dynamic Research Laboratory (FDO), also seen as the cradle of uranium enrichment using the ultracentrifuge process. "Enriched uranium is predominantly used as fuel for nuclear power plants. However, the same technology can be applied to make critical mass with which you can develop a nuclear bomb," says Veerman.

What went wrong within the organization and how did Veerman discover this?

In the early 1970s the Pakistani nuclear scientist, Abdul Khan, joined VMF Stork, where he worked with Veerman on ultracentrifuge technology. Because Khan had lived in Europe for eleven years and was married to a Dutch-speaking woman, he passed the security investigation of the National Security Service (BVD) without any problems. As contact between colleagues Veerman and Khan became closer and a friendship developed, Veerman found out that Khan stole essential knowledge for uranium enrichment and passed it on to the Pakistani government. Pakistan had a great interest in this: the country wanted to become a nuclear power.

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Pakistan Intelligence, Security Activities and Operations Handbook: The Letters of Abdul Khan

Nuclear Spy AQ Khan - CIA/America Refused Arrest in 1975 & 1985

by Oui @BooMan on Aug. 9, 2005

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Pakistani nuclear spy AQ Khan stole essential blue prints in the Netherlands in the seventies. The Dutch secret service BVD was on to the espionage and uncovered the role Khan played to remove documents from nuclear facilities of UCN/URENCO ultracentrifuge process for enriched uranium and NIKHEF research institute.

Ruud Lubbers reveals today that on two occasions to his personal knowledge, the decision to arrest Khan for espionage was thwarted by the CIA and America. The reason was the CIA and US was following Khan in his effort to obtain nuclear materials and sophisticated nuclear test equipment, in order to uncover the countries and persons involved in world-wide nuclear proliferation. Therefore on both occasions, Dutch government and Justice stepped back and let Pakistani nuclear spy travel out of the Netherlands.

Illicit Nuclear Weapons Programs Involve Smuggling High-Precision Bearings

    Uranium enrichment gas centrifuge bearing, confiscated
    by the U.S. CIA in Iraq in mid-2003 represents an older,
    less-efficient design of uranium gas centrifuge:

Is A.Q. Khan a 'Patriot' or the 'Godfather of Proliferation'? | Der Spiegel - Aug. 2008 |

Khan also had contacts in Saudi Arabia. In fact, that country's defense minister even visited his research laboratory in Kahuta once. And, according to Western intelligence agencies, the al-Qaida terrorist organization is believed to have approached Khan through middlemen. In a televised speech in February 2004 the scientist, once decorated with his country's highest honors, delivered a tearful public confession of wrongdoing.

In a detailed report, the American foreign intelligence agency, the CIA, concluded that there was irrefutable evidence that Khan had brokered the delivery of gas ultra-centrifuges for enriching uranium, and even detailed instructions for a "nuclear starter kit," to the Libyan capital Tripoli. Some of the merchandise, shipped on board the German freighter "BBC China," was still packaged in plastic bags labeled "Good Looks Tailor, Islamabad."

Washington issued an ultimatum to Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf, who depended on billions in US military aid, to which Musharraf complied by forcing Khan to deliver his public confession.

AG Khan delivered the URENCO blueprints for Iran's enrichment of uranium

AQ Khan, Urenco and the proliferation of nuclear weapons technology: - The symbiotic relation  between  nuclear   energy  and  nuclear weapons | NIRS.org |

Engineer for Hire

Bruno Stemler, a centrifuge designer for Urenco, felt inadequately compensated as well as unappreciated

US launches multiagency probe into Pakistan nuclear smuggling network | Economic Times - Feb. 2020 |

Nuclear Whistleblower's Life Story Acquired By Ten10 Films & Le Boxeur For Series Adaptation

In an interview in the Financial Times Magazine this weekend, Veerman will tell the story of how he worked for a British/German/Dutch uranium enrichment program in the 1970s and was a colleague and friend of the nuclear spy, Dr AQ Khan - a man the CIA called "as dangerous as Osama Bin Laden".

When Veerman discovered that Khan was a spy, he repeatedly reported Khan to the authorities but was ignored. This allowed Khan to escape with nuclear blue-prints and centrifuge parts stolen from his Amsterdam workplace. Khan went on to help build Pakistan's nuclear bomb with the stolen data, and then sold the technology and know-how to North Korea and Iran. Veerman was fired, scapegoated and for decades harassed by security agencies to keep silent.

Whistleblower Veerman commented: "I am thrilled that my story will be part of The Man Who Stole The Bomb and have enormous confidence in its creative team. That Khan got away with his espionage was a colossal failure of the Netherlands and U.S. governments and their intelligence services - with horrible consequences. The series will show the general public what happened, to hopefully avoid it from happening again."

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